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Nov 27, 2020
I’ve read that tonybet used to be 22bet, I’m not looking for sympathy and don’t expect anything back however.. I excluded myself permanently from 22bet as well as every site I could think of, so surely I I shouldn’t of been allowed to play at tonybet? Like I say I’m not looking for sympathy or anything as it’s all my own fault, I just want to know should I have been allowed to create an account and relapse and lose £4K? Thanks

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Can anyone help? Pab worthy? I really feel like I shouldn’t have been allowed to make an account. They say they are related to nobody else and have no sister sites but from what I can see they are related to Bettson and 22bet both of which I’m excluded at. About Betsson – digital and mobile gaming entertainment under 2016, thanks
I think you need to speak to the UKGC.
22Bet were under the Tonybet license (39126) until they pulled out the UK on 13 October 2020.
However, it seems like they migrated all accounts to Tonybet. If that is correct, then it stands to reason that any active self exclusions should have been migrated over too.
If that is the case, then you shouldn't have been able to play there.
Even if your account wasn't migrated for some reason, the SE should have been managed by the license holder, not the individual casinos, so even then they shouldn't have allowed play.
I would ring the UKGC for clarification, and then go back to Tonybet.
Also, forget the Betsson link, as Halvor says, it wasn't the UK casino they bought.

As to where to go next, I'm not sure a PAB would be any good, considering the subject and group, @maxd could possibly comment on how well they respond to PAB's, but if not then a complaint through Tonybet's complaint's procedure, then their ADR is the way I would go. Also copy in the UKGC.
Hi there,

TonyBet made a really good impression overall. In addition, the customer service is very important. The welcome packages are implemented fairly with their sales conditions.

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