Tomb Raider - Am i being a bit thick?


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May 29, 2004
Hi all

Re: The screenshot from the new (very nice looking) Tomb Raider slot below. Three blue bonus symbols on PayLine 8 running top left to bottom right (see insert regarding payout). Shouldn't i have triggerred the bonus? Saw this twice and maybe i'm just missing something obvious....


-- Simmo, it says "3,4 or 5 Bonus Idols on active payline..."

MY understanding of this is that you need 2,4 or 5 on the same line? ---

Maybe I AM daft or something.
casinomeister said:
They have to be consecutive - they aren't scatters. I just received three in a row and came out about 1400 coins ahead. :thumbsup:

VERY cool game. And yes it's live now at most of the Microgaming Viper casinos here:

Ah ok - thanks CM. I assumed "on an active payline" meant anywhere on the payline - it normally says "pays left to right" if it means consecutive. Ah well...what do i know :)
Great fun game! You don't win massive amounts, but you do win often.. and that makes it enjoyable. Just had a couple of hundred spins I guess, and got the free spin feature maybe four or five times. Only got the idol bonus once though, with three in a row.

Noticed there's a new 'Secret Admirer' style slot and a five line Wow Pot too. I'm going to be a busy man! Heh hee..

My first 'big' wins :D
I tried it this morning and was hating it for a while...I got the free spins several times and got pretty much nothing, then finally I had a decent bonus, and got 5 of something. It went by so fast i'm not even sure what I got :)

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