Told Guts to do one today

dealer wins

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Oct 25, 2006
London the sh$thole
During this BS lockdown I thought I would try a top rated Casinomeister casino. Been playing for about a month when they suddenly emailed me limiting my monthly deposits to £400. I replied rather tersely saying why, and duly got a SOW request. Well I will never submit my personal financial info to an online casino, so there goes another blossoming relationship. Their loss, I was already down a few 100.

Online gaming really sucks, maybe I should be grateful to Guts. But I just feel sad how regressed this industry has become thanks to overly aggressive regulation. Oh well I enjoyed a few weeks of low rolling gambing.


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Jan 28, 2016
I've had my Betsson accounts closed. Customer service is absolutely dire.
They have implied it's because I have an active self exclusion at Guts, which I most certainly haven't. The reasons for my account closure there are detailed on here and certainly wasn't anything to do with SE. Despite asking directly if my account is self excluded they haven't answered, so done a SAR now to find out.

One of my emails to them and their reply

Thank you for your email

However you didn't actually answer any of my questions.

If I had won money would you have paid out or just refunded deposits, or not paid anything?

Which account within your group have I closed? If it's GUTS, that was closed a long time before you bought them, therefore shouldn't have any bearing on other accounts within your group in my view. Can you tell me the reason listed on the account as to why the closure was actioned?


Having checked your query, I would like to clarify that upon Betsson's acquisition of casinos such as Guts, any active self exclusions on those accounts have been applied to any accounts you hold within our network.

Furthermore, although you are able to register accounts, we will not be able to accept bets or deposits.

Notice how they would like to clarify, but then don't actually clarify anything.
I've also asked why my Rizk account was re-opened and they have taken deposits which I lost, yet apparently they won't accept bets or deposits.


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May 6, 2019
GUTS used to be top notch back in the day then went downhill faster than a stone tossed down the side of Ben Nevis


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Jan 8, 2019
Not good to hear.

Seems to me the portfolio of UK casinos becoming shorter in numbers and in quality.

Ive just started depositing with Betsson lol.

Not had any probs yet but its good to be aware.