Today's my lucky day, I guess.


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Sep 17, 2006
San Diego
Ever have one of those days where the stars align, You can't lose at anything you touch, and it makes you really cocky?

I went to a local B&M casinos with some friends today to fart around. We all know how to count cards. A friend and I both find ourselves at the same table (not great for camouflage, but we were just there for lunch really) The count gets wicked-favorable, we both start max bets (around $50 a hand). My friend proceeds to get demolished, while I end up winning more hands than losing, including getting a couple of blackjacks. I ended up $141 richer. (Bummer about my friend though)

On the way out, I stick the $1 into a random video nickel slot. I have enough for about two pulls. On the second pull, I get a four-of-a-kind, and after another pull or two to knock the balance even, I find I've doubled up to $2, and cashout.

I get home, and get an email from an RTG casino (who shall remain nameless) that I had not completed the wagering requirement on a bonus (which I was already ahead on, hence the cashout request). In the process of grinding out about $12000 worth of wagering requirement, I end up getting ahead another $130 or so.

Then I wanted to far around with the Achilles slot for about $3 worth of 20 cent spins to round my balance to a more even number. I hit the bonus spins feature (which I've only hit once before in my career) and got just over a $6 win on it.

I know that the cycle will turn around and I'm going to have a rough patch ahead, but for now... think I should buy a lottery ticket? :thumbsup:
I love those days

That is great!! I love when that happens. My husband and I went to Atlantic City in September and stayed for FOUR days. We left the house with $700 in cash and came home with $720 in cash LOL

We both were gambling non stop and couldnt lose. I went to this new $1 machine that was only $2 a spin for a bonus spin instead of $3. I hit for $180 and then another $60

I went to the wheel of fortune and I go down the row, 3 spins per machine (early in the AM when noone is down there) I won another $250

Right before we had to check out (i mean check out was at noon and this was 11:50am!) I found a $5 let it ride table and got a full house (approx $350)

I know exactly where you are coming from and think you should buy a ticket. You have the aura around you today. Just remember, tomorrow is a different story and to cherish today

I just had one of those days a few weeks ago down in atlantic city.

I swear to god I was winning about 80-90% of the hands I played in BJ. I was down $300 before that streak started, but walked away over $5000 ahead total. :D

No matter what kind of hands I would get, the dealer would find a way for me to win!!! Even with 15/16/17 ;)

Too bad those days are far and inbetween...:oops:
Well, the time for lotto wore off, but I think I can still enjoy the cockiness for a few days.

A couple of coworkers today said that when they got home from drinkin' over the weekend, they logged onto an online casino, and won about $1400 playing drunk blackjack. And one of them said "Isn't that amazing?" And I said "Oh yeah, I did that too," and walked off (of course, I had the bonus to help).

Of course, I've found that personally, irrational exuberance for gaming works the same as for the stock market. Any time I get lucky enough to walk into a casino (or log in) thinking about how much money I'm going to win... I get punished, sometimes severely. And that's fine, I think it's necessary to keep me in check.

Otherwise, if the casino ever lost power, they could just run all of the machines with my ego. :)

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