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1 April 2005

Casinomeister hands over site to Jiveman Poker
In an unprecedented move, Bryan Bailey of Casinomeister has merged with to become one of the largest casino portal/pokerrooms in the industry.

Sergei Badanov AKA "Jiveman" will be leading this joint venture from his Moscow offices in the Russian Federation. "Jiveman" is the three time champion of the Moscow Poker Olympics, winner of the "Texas Hold'em Rodeo" and head of the Petersburg Poker League.

"With the amount of money we can make from players, we will be very happy," states Badanov. "We will make use of our player database to make a most profitable venture."

Bryan Bailey was saddened at letting his project "Casinomeister" go to the Russian Poker king, but he said, "Sergei's really a neat guy once you get to know him." Bailey plans to let Sergei take over the Casinomeister complaint department as well. Known throughout the gaming community as "Pitch a Bitch", players are able to contact the Casinomeister concerning problematic casino issues. "Sergei has a way with words, and he knows a lot of people who know a lot of people."

Both operators are optimistic about this joint venture.
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I didn't know there was a Russian version of Casinomeister.

Actually, I managed to access yet another one - clearly a side-project that Bryan's trying to keep under wraps. I feel honour-bound to expose it here and now:

1) Go to

2) Type in the casinomeister URL in the box.

3) Enjoy

In fact, the text changes each time you refresh the page (neat trick, Bryan): scroll down to the bottom to the "mask" picture, and refresh it a few times.

There is clearly a masochistic side to the good Mr. B to complement his mischievous one.
:lolup: :lolup: :lolup:
** OH my goodness, we had so much fun with this one!! lol, send a screenshot to the jnr dev and asked "What the hell happened to my site?!" - nice one Caruso, made my day! **

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