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As I promised a message

Thank You for Your bonuses and phonecalls,You are doing great keep up Your work,You diserve to be accredited,I want to give You a compliment for Your supreme support

You may call me anytime

have a nice day further and see You later again for sure,




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To all the casinos I've recently lost at: you all suck, your games are rigged, your support non-existant.

Hope you all lose your accreditation and go into liquidation. Also don't call me, I don't want to hear your voice. Don't spam me with sh*t offers either.

Have a nice day and burn in hell!


BTG, Be Terrified Guys
Did you get a freebie from them or what? LOL


Seconded :D

If there's one thing i hate it's being called for promo's, notwithstanding the fact that most of those promo's offered per phone, are crap - perhaps cause in my experience the Casino's that use phone sales, are crap also? :p

Of course there are exceptions: if you win the Major Jackpot or such, a raffle or whatever special prize, it's o.k., and perhaps also for really cool free bonuses, but only from Casino's i really like. Most of the times i just cut the person on the other end of the line off - mid sentence - and tell them to send me a mail instead, and not call me again...


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He got 3 free spins in chitburst in each of those mentioned :cheerleader:
thats actually ok, because it looks like multifruit at 8c spins is casinos new fav for their... best selling game :D

jeez when i see that term used it instantly wants to make me close account at that casino... you have free spins on our current bestseller (and ironically their bestseller has been starburst for like 900 weeks straight)

nothing to do with abovementioned casinos just a random off thought lol