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Mar 29, 2002
I know that the Fortune Lounge Reps read this forum and I want them to answer some questions for me as to why they keep screwing around with me whenever I cash in. I hear about all this goodwill, and wining & dining, and free chips they are spreading around to their players here in the US, but I have yet to experience anything close.

I've been a member of all 5 of the fortune lounge group of casinos since shortly after they opened. Up until late last year, I never had any problems doing a cashin there. Then they started demanding information for which they really have NO rights whatsoever. On top of this, they don't bother to TELL me they want this information until I've been waiting a while for my cashin and I call to find out where it is. Then the rep tells me they are waiting for the verification documents they requested from me recently (which they did not request). This has happened at least twice in the past month alone. Then they want copies of credit cards that I haven't even had for 2 years, let alone used there for at least that long.

But the real problem that I've mentioned to you Bryan before, is that they insist on getting a bank statement and/or credit card statement showing HOW I FUNDED MY NETELLER ACCOUNT. This is none of your damned business Fortune Lounge! Also, as I've tried to explain to them over and over, I haven't had to put any money in my Neteller account for well over a year. I decided when I funded it that I'd put enough in there to last me a while (since I didn't want to keep paying fees on deposits) and was lucky a couple of times since then. I had my winnings from various casinos sent there and have played off of it ever since. I don't even remember how I initially funded it, nor would I have a copy of the statement from whatever it was I used back then. I have supplied them a screenshot of my current Neteller statement, which I think was MORE information than they really needed, and hoped that would satisfy them.

One of the benefits that Neteller lists on its website (
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) is "Credit card information is kept private from merchants" But apparently this is NOT THE CASE AT FORTUNE LOUNGE! And they will demand the same information from you if you use Neteller, PrePaid ATM, and/or Citadel! Here's an excerpt from an email I received from them last month:

As part of our proactive services that ensures the fastest payouts of our players' cashins with minimal effort, our E-Cash Company has requested
the following.

1. A signed copy of this document (Full signature).

[color=ff0000]2. Copies of the credit card(s) used to fund your PrePaid ATM/NETeller
Citadel account.

(If you fund your PrePaid ATM/NETeller or Citadel account with Bank
Transfers - a Bank statement showing the transfers is required.)[/color]

This incredibly intrusive and really nothing that any merchant needs for any reason. These online payment services already certify the user before they let you use their services. How you fund your account with one of them is strictly between you and Neteller, PrePaid, and/or Citadel. If the transaction is authorized by the payment company, then that should be good enough for the merchant. If not, then why don't you require proof of how I pay my credit card bills, or how I fund my bank account when I make a wire transfer.

I want everyone to be aware that Fortune Lounge will REFUSE to send you back even the money you deposited unless you supply this information to them. I suggest everyone boycott all of the Fortune Lounge group until they either recind this obtrusive policy or explain to everyone's satisfaction why they should be privy to this information.

I'm sure now that I've made a public scene about this this that I'll never be able to win a cent there again. But I'll take that chance, this is just too much to put up with anymore. (Bryan, if you like, I'll send copies of their emails directly to you. I don't want to post my account numbers publicly though.)
I should also add that I spoke with a manager at Neteller when this first occurred and they said there is no reason whatsoever for a merchant to be requesting this information and they were quite shocked to hear that this happened.
Well I will not be playing there with those terms .. this is out of line!!! wanting this type of info
Excellent post JPM, if that doesn't wake FL up then nothing will. FL, please wake up and smell the coffee ... players have 2 reasons for using Neteller 1. credit card co's no longer approve gaming purchases and 2. your deposit methods and details remain PRIVATE. and yes, the neteller site does state that the info remains private, but we all know that, don't we FL?? This is ridiculous ... I'll happily boycott the FL casinos till they agree to remove this bogus requirement.
The only experience I've had with regards the FORTUNE Group is one withdrawal that I made through VEGAS PALMS casino.

I do remember that the first withdrawal from them must be by Company Check but they did not tell me about that requirement until after I had made my request for pay-out thru Neteller. My not knowing about that requirement is more my fault for not reading the fine print. The check did arrive here in the U.S. within 3 days and I had no problem cashing their check at my bank.

I did stop playing at any of the FORTUNE GROUP casinos, as their blackjack in my opinion leaves a lot to be desired with the way they stair step the wager increments. Money management is one of the few advantages a player has over the casino and anyone that is willing to relinquish control of his or her money management to a casino is only begging to get clocked.

The other thing that I do recall is that almost immediately after putting in that one withdrawal request I recieved an email from them soliciting an ATM card thru a company called PaySpark out of Lebanon that they are somehow trying to dovetail into their withdrawal operations by utilizing CIRUS and MAESTRO teller systems.

I don't think I'm too keen on having anything to do with any banking relations with the likes of the FORTUNE GROUP in such far away places as Nicosia Cyprus or even PLAYTECH out of Israel or Cyprus.
I forgot about that Payspark thing cipher. I remember that every time I went thru their process to specify my preferred payment method, it always pops up an offer for a Payspark card at the end.

I wonder if they demand proof of how you fund that as well?!?
Thank you for raising this issue.

Our verification policy related to web wallets changed in January 2003 and since then we do not require verification of Neteller or Prepaid ATM purchases. Citadel was only offered as an alternative purchase method for a very short time.

After investigation I found that some players were indeed recently requested to verify their Neteller purchases and that mention of Citadel is still made in our documentation. This was rectified immediately and we sincerely apologize for this aggravation.

We are currently revising our verification process with the aim to reduce player inconvenience. Our new verification process should result in a more positive player experience.

VP Operations
Fortune Lounge
Thanks Fortune Lounge for your swift reply!

Hopefully, this resolves most of the issues brought up in this thread.

Player privacy is a major concern, especially when it comes to finances, keeping them private and descreet. I wouldn't want to give out this info either. What if my wife found out! :D
FL - you may also want to make a similar comment over at WOL where there has been some criticism, too. And again, well done on being proactive in sorting out player concerns.
Thank you for your prompt and appropriate reply Fortune Lounge. I don't understand though why if this was changed back in January that I was still having this information DEMANDED from me in May and June (most recently last night for a cashin I made over the weekend) and for two different casino accounts in your group. It seems to me that it should have been sorted out after 5-6 months.

And why are you asking me for images of credit cards that I haven't had or even used for 2 years? The bank that originally issued it doesn't even exist anymore!

I'm happy that you've apparently changed this intrusive policy, but not yet a happy customer.
I should note that I just checked my email and have a message from the VP of operations. They are concerned about this issue and asked me for my account details to follow up personally. :)

I'm now a happier customer and will be sending the information requested asap. It feels like they are doing the right thing and trying to make this better. A refreshing change from most other casinos that basically tell you to do it their way or take a hike.

I'll be sure to update this thread as events progress. I want to make sure FL's reputation is clear once this is resolved to my satisfaction.
One thing about FL casinos is that they will admit it when they are wrong. This is most refreshing when in this industry, there are a majority of casinos that will just clam up when players feel the casino is making a mistake.

RTG casinos for instance. Look at Angelciti. Besides they players they owe, I once asked them if they had permission from Warner Brothers to use the likness of the Road Runner for their "Road Runner Casino" (!?). No answer. They just clam up. So I'm assuming that they are violating copyright and trademark laws. In the long run this will back fire on them, especially since they are making themselves so "public". But then I may be wrong. Maybe they do have permission and they just aren't telling me...

Oh, I degress...

Although I mailed you via this site to obtain your account details, I can only reply with my facts and an assumption of why this happened to you.

Even though the policy was changed in January, certain Player Security staff incorrectly continued to request verification documentation from Neteller purchasers. A note was probably made on your account stating that your verification documentation was still outstanding and therefore the Player Support staff continue to request this every time you are in contact with them.

If you supply me with your details I can investigate this properly and ensure that the note is removed from your account. I also wish to establish who was dealing with your enquiries.

You should also not have been asked for copies of credit cards you have not used for such a long time.

You really had a bad experience with us and I sincerely apologise for that. Hopefully we will be able to turn you into a happy customer soon.

VP Operations
Fortune Lounge
Thanks Fortune Lounge, I'm putting together an email to you now so we can clear up everything.

I can understand how the neteller request could have stuck to the original account it was requested for, but then when they requested it for one of my other accounts last nite, it was just too much for me.

BTW, I have to compliment the patient customer service rep that I was almost yelling at last night, he kept his cool and was quite professional with me. I wish I could remember his name so I could tell you who to pat on the back.
I want everyone to know that Fortune Lounge has taken care of every issue I had a problem with, and I will be posting more details in a new thread in this forum later today. :yes:

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