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they are cheating me so bad now becasue of the issues. It's so obvious they are cheating. If you saw my log viewer you would probably agree. You should come watch me adn see how unfair they are to me.

If you are convinced that InterCasino is cheating, why are you still playing there??

If a dog runs out and tries to bite me every time I pass by his house, I would STOP passing by his house, and take a different path. :uhoh:
I ask myself the same question. I would like to find a fair one. I was thinking casino tropez or kiwi.I can't believe intercasino is listed on casinomeister.
I ask myself the same question. I would like to find a fair one. I was thinking casino tropez or kiwi.I can't believe intercasino is listed on casinomeister. If they are cheating then I would like to get them removed from casinomeister. I used to be able to win there easy , now they changed how the cards are dealt.
rainman, I won't go to casino Tropez (just my 2 cents). I played there before and try to withdraw a small win but decide to give up because they charge $10 to send the check oversea. Another thing to watch out is they share their player information with casino Del Rio. Some player's accounts are locked. You might want to check the forum at WOL about this.

Never play at Kiwi, so have no idea (but it's under reputable casino here).

Good luck!
well i guess u just can't trust any casinos online. You would think with the slot income they would not have to rig the bj like intercasino does. Just extremely greedy i guess.
If I am lying about intercasino bj. Isn't it funny how all the big winners are on like slots or poker? That many people not winning at bj leads me to believe as well as my own play that bj there is rigged. Oh u can win for a while till they stop letting u. probably money lmit program. Admin has warnings about them on this site.
I, for one, think Intercasino is one of the best. They offer monthly bonuses and they have among the fastest cash-outs (to NETeller).

I play exclusively blackjack there. (Unless I feel like giving away some credits playing craps.) I have some great winning sessions, some mediocre sessions, and some piss-poor, lose it all sessions. AIA, its gambling, what do you want?

Of course they are going to hype the slot jackpots. To win a $1M plus jackpot playing blackjack, you have to put $1M at risk. In the long run, the odds are worse on slots but the rare big winner can be huge.

Just my opinion and observations. After being truly screwed by Casino Extreme, I thought I should stick up for a casino I find to play fair.
I agree, I play exclusively let it ride there and have had great wins & great losses. But they pay FAST and without hassles. Their BJ runs hot & cold. I've played it occassionally on the tables and in thr tournaments. One month I'll do great, the next, piss poor. I'm not so convinced its rigged like I am about the european BJ at MG. I don't know what rainman means about them changing the way they shuffle though.
what i mean is if you are playing where they play through the deck.If the dealer does not check for bj, which has happened to me about 7 times now, You can hit and take more cards. This will take out cards for the next hand which will change it.Also they can shuffle different to ensure it is harder to win, or just plain deal seconds or give me whatever cards they desire.
Well I just checked the rules on Intercasino's website because I'm so tired of reading that you think they are cheating you.

There are 5 versions of blackjack at intercasino, Single player, Multi Player, Multi Hand, Multi Split, and Single Deck. They ALL have this same rule clearly stated for each version:

InterCasino Blackjack is played and programmed according to Atlantic City Blackjack rules.

Authority: New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

Rule Exceptions: The cards are shuffled after each hand, pairs may not be re-split, and players may not draw additional cards on split Aces.

So they aren't shuffling differently, and no matter how you or the dealer play your hand, it won't affect the next game. And according to Atlantic City BJ rules, there is no rule that the dealer has to check for a blackjack if they have a 10. The only mention is if he has an ace showing and insurance is offered.

There are many different BJ variants out there, and they don't all have the same rules. The one you've been playing is apparently using the no-peek rule, where the dealer doesn't check. This means you have -0.10% worse odds than you would with the peek (and assuming you play perfect strategy). It is not a bug, so stop complaining that they cheated you.

If you insist on playing online BJ, then check out Global Player casino for the biggest selection in one place. Maybe you'll find one there that you like.
JPM:I'm mainly a BJ player & after reading glodge's post a while back on Global Player, I went to the site & played. They really have a diverse selection of BJ games, some of which I was not familiar with & really had to read the rules to some of the games. It was very interesting. But what really got me was their cashins. After playing for a few days I requested a cashin @ 5:30PM. At 7:49PM I received an Email from them stating they had credited my NETeller account. Yeah sure!! So I check my NT acct & low & behold the account had been credited @ 7:41PM. I've been gambling on line since 96/97 (still have the original "InterBet Casino To The World" CD & have never had such fast cashin as this. I play a lot @ InterCasino who I thought had fast payouts but Global was incredible. On the other hand, I've been waiting 2 weeks now fora payout from Aspinalls.
Yeah, Global Player is really great. If you like video poker, they have the most diverse collection of those that I've ever seen as well. And I've had the same experience with cashins that you mention. Lightning fast, sometimes within hours, right to my neteller account. Never any hassles or crap about waiting time, etc. And great bonuses too if you are a regular player there. The only one close to them for neteller cashins is Intercasino. They will sometimes have my neteller withdrawls credited within hours as well.

Sounds like you & I followed a similar path. I too started gambling online around that period and remember Intercasino being one of the first I played at (Island casino was the first I think, as well as Interlotto). I don't still have my CD though, so I guess I'm not as loyal as you! ;-)
jpm you are plain wrong. Mutliplayer for your information plays through the deck. They don't reshuffle after every hand. Check your 2 wrong again. The dealer is supposed to always check for bj. I have in my log viewer where i got to hit and the dealer had bj. The proof of their cheating is right there.
Sorry rainman, but you are plain wrong. Go to the intercasino website and read the rules. I copied them directly. Here it is right from the page:

Blackjack (multiplayer)

Rule Authority:

InterCasino Blackjack is played and programmed according to Atlantic City Blackjack rules.

Authority: New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

Rule Exceptions: The cards are shuffled after each hand, pairs may not be re-split, and players may not draw additional cards on split Aces.

Here is a link if you want to read it yourself
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NOWHERE in the rules does it say the dealer has to check for BJ. That is called a peek, and you are playing a NO PEEK game. And it says that typically they deal through 1/3 of the deck before a resuffle, but that is AFTER it says the rule exception is a shuffle after every hand.

Down near the bottom of the rules it even says: Basic blackjack strategy is defined as the proper play of cards knowing only your hand and the dealer's exposed card. It does not involve card counting (an advantage lost in playing InterCasino with 8 decks reshuffled after each hand)

The rules you are citing are typically used in land based casinos but not necessarily in online ones. However, if you've ever played or watched high limit BJ in land based casinos, you'll find that they use no peek rules there.

They aren't cheating you, you are playing a game with rules you don't like. Stop playing that game! They aren't going to change the rules to suit you, no matter how much you yell about them cheating.

Play the single player version if you want the dealer to peek after every 10 card hand. That one I know checks for BJ, since it drives me nuts sometimes because of how much is slows down the game.
as for the dealer in land casino's lifting edge of card and peeking, no he/she doesn't, but they have a little mirror in the table right in front of the dealler and they place the edge of their cards over it to see what they have.
Or they just use the little electronic reader with the red/green LED light on them that reads the corner of the cards. That cuts down on the possibility of someone seeing the dealer's down card and just says it either is or isn't a BJ. Any of these 3 methods would still be considered a peek.
yes it would.

gambling as our constitution has sure had many many amendments made to it over the years.

Give me the old black jack rules and the spring loaded slot machine.

Great Days ... grin

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