Tizuko-3 and Wright Publishing Co.



Dear friends:
just recently, my wife saw an interesting advertisement for a Horse Racing System called "Tizuko-3" by the Tizuko Investment Co. I read through it and decided to invest in it. I sent in $230.00 for the system as rush shipping and handling was included. The address was to a "Wright Publishing" in Brooklyn, NY. Since I sent it Express Mail, I tracked it. The post office in Brooklyn told me that it was picked up the next day. We are now beginning to get worried because we haven't heard anything from them. Has anyone heard of the system, company, or publishing firm? Have we been taken?
I actually have a Tizuko-3 book with me now, but a relative bought it. I don't know how long it took him to get, or how much he paid. I do know that any online searches I've made on this book/company have come up empty except for boards with people asking questions such as this one. I am currently testing the system out on paper, but so far it seems hit-or-miss at best. Good luck!

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