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Oct 25, 2005
I generally don't post messages too often but my experiance with Titan Poker deserves a mention. I recently deposited 200$ at they're websit and was informed that I needed ??? hands to collect my 1'st time deposit bonus. I only played a few hands of poker and went to play video poker on they're side games. Well I got a little bit lucky and played for a couple of hours. I then went the next day to see if my signup bonus was deposited to my account. It was not. So I wrote them and they informed me that side games do not count towards "raked hands" or ' bonuses" I have played at a LOT of poker sites and all of the sites that offer side games count play on them as " raked hands" I was a little upset with this but as I read deeper in the T&C's it was mentioned that only real money play on poker tables count towards release of bonuses. Here's the good part. a few days later they wrote me another email and said that they were sorry that side games do not count towards bonuses but because I played for a few hours on them they deposited bonus money into my account...with no strings attached!
I could withdraw the money if I pleased. AND they also informed me that I still had my first deposit bonus pending as soon as I got my raked hands. As far as I am concerned, this is a class act. They had absolutly no obligation to do this. It was customer service above and beyond. They have made me not only a future longstanding player, but also a vocal one. Three Cheers for them! I only wish that others would follow suit. I read too many horror stories here, and I hope that this makes some of the more jaded people out there realize that there are some good ones out there.

See you at the tables.
I just signed up with Titan through Pokersource Online. They have a deal where you can get a nice chip set for signing up through them. I have only played a few hours and i like the software and the support is excellent. They are playtech related. Downside is that the signup bonus is kind of tough to clear but it is 100% up to $500 and there arent a whole lot of games due to light traffic especially in the higher limits. Also, i believe their cashout time is a couple of days which is slow in the poker world. Overall though, i like the site and would say to try it out if for no other reason that to get the free chip set. If you want to do this be sure to click to their site through pokersource online.
Thanks for the heads up on this offer over at PSO. Really good value for the Nevada Jacks chipset(retail is like $200 on it). Downside is that 3500 stars requirement takes quite awhile.
I like Titan poker too. Although the wait time on the withdraw is excessive. However, the nice thing about the inital bonus is you don't get it UNTIL you clear the number of raked hands. So if you try their room, and for whatever reason make a withdraw before you clear the hands for the bonus, you still get your money.

Also, if you get on the live chat, or send their support an email, you can usually narrow the withdraw time down to about 24 hrs. Neteller deposits only I think.

Overall, I would say B+ for this room. Just My opinion.
paul02085 said:
Downside is that the signup bonus is kind of tough to clear but it is 100% up to $500 and there arent a whole lot of games due to light traffic especially in the higher limits.

There's a good 400 or 1000 NLHE game more often than not, and it's not too hard to talk somebody into a heads-up game with a little friendly banter.

If you're a limit player and want to play high stakes there, you have to like heads-up or short-handed play (fortunately, I do!). the 20 and 30 games are usually not running, or are running short.

Come on in, the water's fine! :D

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