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Mar 16, 2011
I am just letting everyone know that Titan casino (playtech version) is absolutely not a good place to play. The reason that I say this is because at first they seemed to love me and asked me to deposit more and made me a VIP and so on. They were incredibly friendly and had a popup window with somebody greeting me and suggesting games to play every time I logged on and offering me bigger bonuses to deposit more.

THEN I won. The nice treatment stopped immediately. To that end they are now demanding that I mail them a notarized copy of my picture ID but not a passport. They have a lot of demands with the picture ID they are asking me to send via post to the Phillipines. The worst part of all of this is that they will not cover the cost of the notary or the post or my time. They are just demanding that if I want paid that I need to do this and do it in a timely manner.

I am going to do it but I told them in no uncertain terms that I would never play at the casino again and that it was an outrageous demand. I just wanted to warn all of you about this casino and advise that you stay far, far away. I have never heard of such an outrageous request as to send a notarized copy of a picture ID. I am of the assumption that they hope to set these type of hurdles in front of me so that they can find a way not to pay me.
It's unreasonable for any casino to ask for your personal information by post and against the UK privacy laws to say the least.

They should either have a secure upload for you to provide an ID such as passport, proof of address, DL or whatever's requested. A couple do, most don't.

Or use a secure hub that works for all casinos. Hmm, plug. :rolleyes:

Hard document requests are in fact not outrageous due to online fraud and minors gambling online. Registration online background checks do establish a player with an address but a hard document check ensures the casino that all prior checks confirm your status and in fact you are who you say you are.

Hard document checks will always be a staple in this industry.

So I agree that the method of their request is outdated and not secure but the reason behind their request is justifiable.
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I don't mind submitting my ID for proof of age. It is the act of getting it notarized and sending it post to another country that is worrisome. That and the fact that they expect the player to pay for all of this when it is not needed and above and beyond anything normal.
I´m Having the same problem now altough it is with Titan Poker, they are asking me for a notarized copy of my ID and adrees proof........

I have already sent the documents to the adress thay gave me on Philippines but It will take a week to get there........

Only after my documents reach it´s destination they will let me widhtraw my poker funds, but in their website it is written on their terms so is is their right to ask me for this documents....

I spent more than €40 in notary documents and post mail....Just hopping that my mail get´s there safe........

Did It took much time for you to get your funds?Have you already received it?
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