Titan Bet - may want to be careful with this lot


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Footie season back on and I thought I'd give a different site a go so tried Titan Bet.

Not the best site for following live play etc but it was ok I suppose. However, logged in there tonight specifically to have a bet on Brazil beating Equador (score was still 0-0) ...Stuck £13 on at 5/2 (may have been 11/4) and sat hoping Brazil would nick a result...I clicked on 'open Bets' to check what odds I'd got and there was no bet showing...strange because money was gone from my account.

Got through to chat and and 3 or 4 mins into convo, Brazil took lead...Didn't worry as I thought they'd honour bets as they'd have it showing on records until rep said this:

Rep: Do note that there is a technical issue at the moment that we are currently working on that caused the 2 bets not to be accepted.

Me: Hang on...If you know there is a technical issue, why the hell are you letting people bet!!!!

Anyway, long story short...he wouldn't honour bets, didn't apologise, wouldn't get supervisor and then left me hanging without even saying 'Goodbye'

Bloody awful, shoddy customer service and even worse they wouldn't honour a £13 bet at odds of 5/2 (or thereabouts)...Means they've lost a customer who deposited over £750 in their first month with them- not that I think they care.

Just be careful is all I'm saying.