Tire, where are you?


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So this morning I wake up and I can't find my dog anywhere. Of course I took a look all around the house, under beds, inside closets and everywhere else I could think of. Now, we have only had "Tire" for a few months; we actually rescued him from the highway one night, hence the name Tire. Ok so upon looking for him before drinking my morning of Rockstar deliciousness I realized that I made chicken wings the night before so perhaps he choked and is dead somewhere in the house...yikes. I know, I know, a bit gruesome but as I said, no coffee yet and couldn't find him.

Nope, not a paw in sight. Welp, off to the local shelter we go as soon as they open up shop and he wasn't there, but there were hundreds of puppies and other dogs that needed a home so immediately I started to worry that we would never find him. Luckily I filled out a lost pet report on the internet this morning and we get a phone call saying there was a brown and white dog found matching the breed of the dog I lost at my apartment complex. Kind of bittersweet as the dog I have is black as night and looks like he was dipped in motor oil but the reports is for a brown and white dog. Ahhh...let's give it a go anyway I say to my baby daddy :D and go back inside the shelter.

The lady behind the desk tells me that she will call the people who called in and reported the found dog and she will have them call me. Also told me that there was an animal control officer heading out to pick the found dog up and if I wanted to, I could check the website in about an hour for an updated list of pictures of the dogs found today. Thankfully, instead the lady from the shelter gives me a call a few minutes later, while I was still in the shelter partking lot and gives me the number to the person who found the dog and we give them a call.

"Hello, do you have my dog? He has big ass ears and answers to Tire."

The lady laughs a little and asks a few identifying questions. Bingo! That's him! Oh Tire, I wonder how far you got this time?. I then ask her where she is located and she gives me my address just three doors down.

The shelter is 30 miles away and he was just three doors down the whole time. I guess my 2 year old let him out last night when nobody was looking and the lady had him since about 9PM. We are lucky though because at night he is so black you can't see him and there are no street lights in Arizona hardly. The lady said she thought it was a rabbit in the bushes before she realized it was a dog.

After a long day and chicken bone nightmares I am happy to report he is home safe and secure! He is a bit sad it seems, looks like he was trying to make a prison break and was caught...lol who would blame him with five kids who poke and prod at him all day? My husband tried to do the same thing once, but he didn't get as far ;).




omg, what a day that must have been. Mommy needs her caffeine, or else the glass is really half empty. :p


aka LooHoo
I love a happy ending! :)

(you know, the part about your hubby trying to make a break for it and you catching his @ss)

Seriously though, glad your dog is back home with no damage! :thumbsup: