Tips on playing blackjack via Vegas Partner Lounge


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May 22, 2006
Here are some Blackjack tips to get you going:

• Remember that you need to beat the dealer to win. Players often forget this and concentrate on getting 21 – watch the dealer's hand as well as yours.

• Always take a card on 16 or lower because you can't win unless the dealer goes bust.

This was straight from their email.... I wonder if other MG casinos implemented this new age strategy into their autoplay.:cool:

What makes this even worse is that tip two ignores tip one.
True, but misleading.

It is true that you cannot win by standing on 16 unless the dealer busts, but the dealer can be just as likely to bust as you on some hands, and even more on others, such as player 13 against dealer 15.

Beware the MG rule that a dealer with a 6 up while you choose to stand on 16 or less will always have an Ace in the hole:D Perhaps that is what they mean.

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