Tips for real money casino developement


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Nov 27, 2008
Did you ever wanna set up your own Multi-player casino portal?

If so, here is some technologies tips which my casino solution found in few years development work, I'd like sharing with you guys.

Do you know the difference between PHP(Http protocol) and Java (Socket protocol) which you wanna develop your casino games.

HTTP Protocol
Http protocol is a Weak Ties. The unique of result will be responded when the server got a request. If there is no request there, no result will be responded by server, it has a bad performance in Real-time interaction, multi-player interaction and cant realize real-time communication, but http protocol has a good performance in stand-alone version

Socket protocol
Socket protocol is use TCP/IP strong ties to complete the interaction of data. The user side won't call any request after the link is built. And also, the server will send the data automatically for acting the movement in User Side.It has a good performance in Real-time interaction, multi-player interaction and real-time communication.

If there any questions you have, please leave a message to me or contact me directly.



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Jun 30, 1998
Hi CasinoProvider,

Sorry, but this is not a forum set up to post marketing content. If you want to sell something, there is a Link Outdated / Removed for that. If you have information to share, then by all means do so. But don't request members to PM you for details. That is a hokey-pokey no no in Casinomeisterland.

Thank you for your obedience.