Tinfoil hattery


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Apr 27, 2009
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It's always been there, and always will be around. And generally, not always it's new members and occasionally, though not as often, seasoned players.

Slots are rigged.
Casinos have switches.
Casino and providers influence outcomes outside of the math model.
From slots pay when new, to when balance is low to when balance is high.
I 'feel like' such and such.

It's good to question things. It's bad to start making wild claims on 'intuition' (like the intuition that also says I can stop the reels, I can feel wins and when it's due to pop etc etc.

There is, have been, and will be 'bad apples' in the industry, like in any industry.

But here's my question - aside from the obvious, why play slots if you beleive these things - but my question is....why are you a member of CM if you're convinced the industy is rife with these shenanigans, that the major players and major providers are influencing your game play.

Because here's the thing...and it's right in the bloody title:

So if all these tinfoil hattery things are 'truth', then admin here is either:

A: wholly ignorant of what transpires in the gaming world - and considering what they know, who they know, and their commitment, I find this entirely unlikely or
B: they're utterly complicit - and seeing as I've seen zero reflection of this, I find this equally unlikely.

Again, it's good to question things. Things do happen. Things have been off. And thank goodness we have a smart, educated, learned membership.
And any player should do due diligence, try to best understand the world they deicde to play and invest in.

But by gods, it's also exhausting, some of the rantings and utter tinfoil hattery, time and time again.
You either trust the group you belong to and the games you play, or you don't.
If the latter, pack it in, take up a different hobby, move on, be happy.
If your goal every time you log in is to rant the games are fixed and rigged, surely there's better means of entertainment out there for you.

Noone should blanket accept anything. However, if overwhelming evidence to the contrary of your beleifs exists or is presented and you rely soley on 'ya, but I think'....slots and a forum wrapped around the notion of fair play seem very very imcompatible.


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Jan 9, 2013
Bryan is obviously in on it. Hush money from all providers. Gives input on a game based on his very own forum, agrees on the lowest available rtp setting in order to acheive maximum % on royalties.
So bold that he even Invites you all, once a year, to enjoy free beer, where he joins in grinning and slurping it up with before you leave and thank him for his generosity, totally oblivious to the fact that technically you are the one's who paid for it anyway.

Nah, good point diony. Its gettin a bit crammed with foil threads this year and some people seem to almost be on a mission to expand the topic further into different topics whenever possible lately, almost looking like an personal agenda :)
Not that it matters to me, i like a read. But as you saidwhy infuriate one self and play, and why stay here, if refusing to consider experienced suggestions or give attention to any other pov.


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Jun 5, 2015
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I simply think that it reflects the myriad of different types of personalities we have in society.If it was not for diversity then very few forums would thrive.
I'm no tin foil hatter most of the time but very occasionally I too find myself thinking "Buuuulshit" while slotting or thinking something does not seem right.

The other day I was about to leave the house in a rush only to stand in cat sick leaving me needing to shower my feet and change suit and I was left thinking that all of the World was against me :(


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Dec 9, 2012
Its always going to be a said.
Ill just point out that no i don't think there rigged in any way shape or form.

But we all say why would they rig software or a casino......... Also worth looking at why wouldn't They (££££) and as you don't know what the player next door is doing you would never know.
Software companies are always secretive about things its always going to add fual.

Its human nature to question things that are said but not seen.


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May 22, 2012
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Was it not the tin-foilers who were instrumental in exposing the rigged GameArt demos? You see, it was that 'something's not right here' that got our noses twitching - NO science, NO mathematical evidence as such. And that mind set is present in all of us slot players whether we like it or not. I guess some keep it quieter than others. :D


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Jan 12, 2018
A while back online poker was defended to the hilt by the blind faith.A lot of people are now on the other side of the fence.