Time to drop kick Tropika out of the bussiness



They do not have money to pay the players, they are broke. Their stock price has dropped to about a nickel in Canadian Money.

Casino Iceburg closes. They claim because there is a starnet site with the same name.

Mr. Ashbee will reply here
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And fill that board with more lies. but yet will not respond to the OPA. Only to have some 5.00 an hour customer service rep issue a statment about how broke they are.

Scamsters! Just sell more of your worthless stock and pay the players. What part of that do you not understand? or just close your doors.

My new mission in life is to see you go under before you steal anymore money from players. Yes, that is what your doing. You cannot provide the service you advertise. So off you go now.

The line has now been drawn in the sand. All of these casinos need to just set and rot. I hope nobody is actually playing in any of them.

Lies, Lies, and more lies. First we are having an audit, second the audit is over and players are getting paid. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT? They are not being paid. Now they want to claim bonus abuse and chargebacks. Bullshit, it is all bullshit.

We will be speaking with the stock exchange and asking how in the world they let these two bit thieves even sell their worthless stock.

We will also be notifying the ecash companies involved.


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Mar 31, 2001
Absolutely fascinating reading that BBS.

My take: Tropika was designed to be a pump and dump stock scam. They ran the promos to get the post in amount up for the last quarter in 2000; their plan went bad when they got hit by us so badly. Those numbers did not turn up, bad publicity built up, and the "pump" never happened.

What mad criminal genius thought of this?



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Dec 12, 2000
Hmm, a textbook example of why it is a good idea to understand the businesses in which one invests. Because these poor schnooks don't understand gambling, they can't evaluate the performance of the management team.


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Apr 12, 2002
Exactly Mary.

Many of these stockholders have an "if you build they will come" (read owning a casino = automatic big bucks) attitude.

A very naive bunch if you ask me. They are blaming everyone except those that they should be blaming. Oh well, I guess it's easy to see why they own a stock worth $0.05.


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