Time Spent Gambling Poll

How many hours do you spend online gambling each week ?

  • 10 hours or less

    Votes: 25 36.8%
  • 10 to 20 hours

    Votes: 25 36.8%
  • 30 to 40 hours

    Votes: 12 17.6%
  • 40 hours or more

    Votes: 6 8.8%

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Apr 16, 2005
I sometimes wonder if I spend to much time online gambling. Please take a moment and provide some feedback with regards to how many hours per week you would estimate you spend online gambling.
Actual "gambling", meaning playing blackjack or video poker and the very seldom slots through an online casino's software?

I put 10 hours or less ...

Surfing the internet for information on gambling-related topics and updating that information in some places?

That's probably upwards of 20 hours a week, if not more ... :eek:
I hit a high note a couple weeks ago and haven't played more than a few hours since, but before that I had been putting a lot of hours into it. I definitely had weeks where I played over 40 hours, and quite abit more when I played poker. In fact this is the first time in quite a few months that I have gone days without playing at all.

I guess I'll play around with some monthly bonuses one of these days, then eventually figure out my next gambling goal and get busy.
ballysdb said:
If I am winning and have plenty of funds in the casino I can and have played 24 hours straight.

The longest session without sleep I did was about 30+ hours. (This was in my Video Poker days). I came home from work on a Friday evening, deposited about 200.00 and started to play DW 4 line, 5 a spin. I hit 4D on the bottom line and won about 2K I think. And that was the start of it. I continued playing the same game for hours and hours at 5 and 10 a spin and ended up hitting 2 single line royals. I didn't go to sleep (not out of choice, but I just couldn't physically stay awake much longer) until late Saturday night. I was up early hours on Sunday morning still buzzing and wanting to play. I also remember going to Highbury that day as well. I was exhausted and all I could think about was playing VP throughout the whole game. When I returned home Sunday evening, I blew the lot. It was a mad session though and I think my cashback that weekend was around 200-300 just playing at 5-10 a spin. The highest I got my bankroll to was around 2.5-3K.

I haven't had a run like that in aaaaggess, well until I started playing the slots anyway!
It's amazing how fast time flies by when you are gambling online...and at the land based casinos for that matter. I know my longest online gambling stint lasted about 14 hours one time. I only deposited $50 at King Neptune's and played forever on it. The most my balance was up to was like $800. I kept telling myself that when I hit the $1000 mark I would make a withdrawal. Never did see the $1000 mark...but I did have fun for several days after that playing back the $800...lol. I wish every deposit would go that far! Unfortunately, it does not.

I have noticed that I do better when I make small deposits in the neighborhood of $50 to $100...than I do when I deposit more. Probably because I am more conservative with my bets. Great thread! :thumbsup:
Is 10,000 hands of blackjack alot?

I lumped research and gaming together. I would guess 30 hours a week last month, but probly 10-20 average.

I voted 10 hours or less. My deposits have been eaten up too fast these last several months to have any real 'entertainment' time. Since my $25 and $50 deposits usually last only 5 or 10 minutes, I spend more time checking email offers and the forums than I do gambling.

And my NETeller is back down to it's critical, almost empty, level so I'm trying to grind it out again and hopefully plump the balance back up, I'm playing very conservatively. I used to never worry if my NETeller got a little low, but now... wins are few and far between.
Great idea for a poll - it's just a pity that we didn't break this down into actual play online and then time spent on line in connection with online gambling.

It would have been interesting to see how much research is being routinely carried out by experienced players like the ones who usually post here.
On average, 1.5 hour during the afternoon and 2.5 hrs before I go to bed. That's 4 hrs daily - From Monday to Friday , that is.

During the weekend, I spend about 6-7 hrs/day on gambling or surfing for that purpose.

So I guess I don't spend more than 35hrs/week.
I am in the 30-40hr/wk range with the vast majority of it being poker time with very little casino time.

I also spend alot of time on casinomeister. Probably 5-6hrs per week.
Uh-oh, I'm beginning to worry here. Looks like most are coming in under 20 hours. I am definitely pushing the limits of the 30-40 hour range. :eek: I'm beginning to wonder if I've got a problem. :D Come on hardcore gamblers, help me out. :oops:
rtmlam said:
Uh-oh, I'm beginning to worry here. Looks like most are coming in under 20 hours. I am definitely pushing the limits of the 30-40 hour range. :eek: I'm beginning to wonder if I've got a problem. :D Come on hardcore gamblers, help me out. :oops:

I was over 30+ hours a week Jan-March. But then my laptop crapped out a and I didn't want any casinos on my desktop, so I got busy on some other stuff I had been putting off.

I really got a lot of things done during the break, which is good.

Now the laptop's fixed, but I am going to Las Vegas next week so I am saving up my gambling energy.
I put down 10 hours a week or less. I used to play a lot more than that, but not now. I might play for an hour here or there on occasion, but about once every two to three weeks, I will sit down and play for maybe six to eight hours. Depends on how long my money lasts. However, like alot of other people have said, I spend alot of time online doing various things related to gambling. Running contests, emailing (bugging Simmo about stuff, lol), I've been doing some writing.....not to mention how much time I spend here. Way too much, lol. I guess all you guys are more addictive than gambling, he he he. ;)
I, like no doubt many on this forum, am a bit of an obsessive person.

When I first started gambling at internet casinos I spent huge amounts of time playing. Played nearly through the night on many occasions. This was never about the gambling buzz for me however. I don't see the point of gambling unless you are the casino or bookmaker, it was only about winning money!

Then I got bored!

It then became almost painful to play ( I am sure most obsessive people recognise this trait. How many normal people would get a feeling of dread just because a casino had offered them a £1500 match bonus!) and it was only the money that kept me coming back.

I decided to accept the increase in my variance and increased the size of my bets to cut the playing time.

Of course this caused the casinos to offer me more bonus money. Catch 22!!

I reacted by increasing my bets even more.

I just checked my 'Good run on Crypto' thread and, ignoring my wind down Millionaires Club and Solitare sessions, I bet millions in less than 6 months winning over £100,000 with a total playing time of less than 9 hours!

Obviously this is not the only casino I play at but it is the one I spend the most time at and my pattern of play is similar at the other casinos.

So my actual casino playing time over a 6 month period is considerably less than 24 hours!

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Does this include practice play too? Lol

When I get bored, I will play the practive play mode if Im broke.

Real play I would say I average 10 hours a week. Though when I have
built up a large bankroll Ive been known to play all night.

Double that with practice play.

Time spent online gambling

When I was playing regularly I would spend about 20 - 25 hours a week, which was a few hours every evening, and sometimes more on the weekend, actually gambling. Then I would spend another hour or two a day at this forum and another hour or two when I found Gonegambling. (Usually from my office) I am now on a "break" from gambling but like to hang out here and at Gonegambling to keep current with casino issues here, and play some of the games at Gonegambling. I don't belong to any other gambling associated sites. :notworthy I have to tidy up my finances a bit before I gamble again. Good thread!
For me, avg 1-2 hrs dinking around reading and such..When I deposit money..until it's gone or im up $25. Just set a record tonight though for me..started at 800p and ended at 500am with a few potty breaks. Broke even. Im happy!

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