Time for me to chill out


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Mar 15, 2003
I managed to take $500 up to $3000 just to lose it all and then an extra $800. It's time to chill out for awhile and do something else.
thanks murder

I took a week off and then came back to deposit my big $50 at the Phoenician, to which I'd lost $100 in the previous two weeks. I gained $80 and had determined that when I made $100 I'd cash out and then just be $400 in the hole for my entire online career. I couldn't wait to come to Casinomeister and thank Bethug for telling me to play different games when one seemed to go all wrong and to Cipher for posting his strands which gave me something to go by. And then guess what? Same as you only on a smaller scale. Tonight, I wanted to try again but came here instead and your post will keep me from it! Oh, I wish a land casino were closer. . . .

Murder, what shall we do with our free time? Cipher, I actually love you. . . you're just so consistently kind and neutral and helpful; And Bethug, even though I never phoned for your system, thanks for the tip that gave me more fun than usual before losing!

AHHHHH...............promises, promises...........how many times have I SWORN, made OATH'S to GOD himself, I would NEVER EVER place another bet....but...................well you know the rest of the story :thumbsup:

We gamblers must stick together, console each others losses, cheer our wins, and lie to each other when we make promises.......promises we all know we have no intention what-so-ever of keeping......but take solace in my support my friends, and I will be here next time to cheer your win's, and wish you luck when you finally take the step, back into the world of risk we all find so damn apealing.............its like a warm soft blanket.............I'm gonna go play some freakin' cards....................wish me luck :D :D :D
summertime said:
Murder, what shall we do with our free time?

My suggestion:
Buy "Theory of Poker" and "Hold 'em for advanced players" by Sklansky, and start playing poker on sites with play money. Next time you have the cash, play poker! Against most players on the net, with a little learning, the odds are in your favor, which in the long run is a better bet that the .05 (or more) advantage on casino games.
but the funny thing is im up. I had a real good run at Casino On Net and Global Player.

I get bored quick and will bet $1000 when my account balance is $1100. I get mad and say damn damn damn. I grind it back, just to do it again. But over all im up for the month. Infact today I got all but $500 back and lost it all to live bj at casino-web-cam.

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