time for a break


Permanent Ban: Too much flaming
Jul 10, 2016
North east England
Superb move. Enjoy the break.
You won’t miss a thing apart from fake wins, fake expectations and shilling for slots that are frankly as dead as Liam neesans career.
Slots and slotting of late have became pretty shitty, no fun anymore.
You made a good call and I’m pretty sure you will be glad you made this choice.
All the best and look forward to seeing you back!


Chief glockenspiel maker
Jan 12, 2018
I know where your coming from. Just lately I have questioned myself as to whether I am playing because I enjoy it or because of habit. It used to be the former for sure. Now I have to admit it’s probably the latter. After a while it all becomes a bit predictable and your adventure seems a little bit controlled and within certain parameters. Along with my view that providers are really struggling to move forward in terms of what players want and expect. If a slot has a trtp of 96% there are only so many ways you can make that happen and I think providers have run out of ideas. Most new releases are either just dreadful or a clone of something previous so not that exciting really is it. Hope you enjoy the break.