Your Input Please tightest xmas gift from a casino you got and best you got


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And this years award for tightest xmas gift for a depositing player is drumroll

betsafe 15 free spins on merry xmas this year i guess 3k min in deposits dont count for anything with this grope

very unhappy

32 red has won this year in the xmas stakes for me.
followed by gut casinoroom cherry casinoluck who either had great freebies or offers.

so how did you guys go?

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Have to agree about Betsafe. I've deposited a few thousand in recent weeks, mainly without a bonus and only got the very miserly 15 free spins too at 1c x15 lines. Stingebags.

Best by far Lucky247. A really nice hamper and $100 bonus credit.:thumbsup:


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My 2 bits

Best feeling: Waking up to free spins on 20+ games today at Guts.
Most Success: Shot right up into the top 20 in Slot Suvivor: Xmas edition at La Vida
Favorite Gift: Raffle tickets from Betat for free spins galore on boxing day
Best match offers: Casinoluck and Next Casino, match-a-palooza all month
Most Spectacular: 32 red, came to the party late this year, but wow

The Ebenezer Scrooge award: Roxy Palace casino. Not even a merry x-mas email, seasons greetings, nothing! (am a VIP there)


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of the advent calendars I've been following -


1st - Betat, because it was a mixture of deposit bonuses, free spins, cash-back. and NDB's

2nd - Mr Green, only free spins, but you had to deposit £25 or £50 each week to get 10 or 25 daily spins the following week

3rd - All British Casino, daily free spins, you only needed to have deposited previously. but the spins were only 4 - 8 spins


32Red - basically just double dish of the day, which started weeks after most of the others

Nextcasino / Casinoluck - seemed to be the same as the promotions they do every month, but just with a xmas theme


Casumo - Wager stupid amounts at high stakes all for an Iphone 6, If you could afford to risk attempting all the wagering you could easily afford to buy yourself a dozen Iphone 6's

Betsafe, for their 'blind' wagering to win just a few free spins. (Guess the riddle and hope your're wagering on the correct slot)

Lucky Dino - one free spin daily, pretty pointless


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Number 1: 32red nice £32 cash! (£10 bonus via points for 50th. Birthday 20 Dec)
2. Guts 10 Free spins Jack hammer 24 Dec. (£50 bonus chip from Ben Birthday!)
3. Virgin f*ck-all (£10 CASH for 50th. Birthday 20 Dec)
4. Maria f*ck-all
5. Grosvenor f*ck-all
6. Energy f*ck-all
7. Unibet f*ck-all
8. Sporting Bet f*ck-all
9. Bet-at f*ck-all

There seems no connection between net winning and losing at any site over the last year. Some sites select specific people, some blanket-reward and some do zilch.

Expect FA and if you do get a chip or present, treat it as a pleasant surprise!


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i see a pattan

32red so far is kicking ass with most happy clients this xmas

and so far betsafe and it seems roxy palace are being big scrooges

keep them coming guys
online gaming is a competitive business places need to know how to treat there players
this and many of my other threads all come back to this fact
so word up the best and show the worst ill add that you must deposit once a fortnight at least at the place


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All Irish and All British of course, they kept changing the number of daily spins depending on value, to keep it at around two euro, but still that was over forty euro worth of spins this month for any deposit in November.
Mr. Green was okay, I deposited fifty to get two weeks of spins, but hit nothing and when I got 80c from 25 Jack Hammer free spins, I gave up.
Guts, made a 150 WD from Jack Hammer spins.
Royal Vegas, have 200 WD pending from from yesterday's spins, but overall the calendar was a let down.
Betsafe is beyond funny this year, same as Ladbrokes.
PaddyPower has a great raffle as always, but you'll have to be either extremely lucky or wager a million.


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going good guys

keep them coming
thats what its for
some usa player input would be cool to

and in four days i will create the the Grinch of the year casino memes

vote and tell now :)


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And this years award for tightest xmas gift for a depositing player is drumroll

betsafe 15 free spins on merry xmas this year i guess 3k min in deposits dont count for anything with this grope

very unhappy

32 red has won this year in the xmas stakes for me.
followed by gut casinoroom cherry casinoluck who either had great freebies or offers.

so how did you guys go?
Got to be Betsafe! I only got 10 free spins off them on that tighter than tight slot merry x mas. won a paultry 0.30p. I deposit a lot too over the year. the rest well just says they like bonus banning me, so nothing decent here to shout about.


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A lot of Christmas spirit in this thread.
Yeah, I can see how it looks from the OP, but some people unlike me may have lost or deposited thousands at some of these sites over the last year and like I said above, I expect nothing and they have no commitment to give anything at all. I don't take it personally but I admit like the OP I am interested to make a note of which sites look after the player as compared to others.
Overall 32red came up trumps as usual, as did Guts and a few others I'm not a member of.

It has to be said that Bet-at throughout the year have had continual free competitions/quizzes for us CM members and some here have short memories it seems, and I should have mentioned this in my rather rushed first reply on this topic - apologies Bet-at!! :oops:

Some were dependent on continual depositing each day whereas some were happy to drop a freebie in. I think the reader here will concentrate more on the freebies rather than building up spins or a small bonus as a result of depositing daily, but unfortunately a tinge of greed and expectation does arise in people at this time of year and that's not a criticism but human nature (unfortunately.)


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Not much love for me. Best was PartyCasino 20 euro free bonus on 1st Dec. Then 5 - 10 euro free bonus each day till Christmas - all with only 10x WR.

GUTS - just the stocking filler spins but still nice.

7Sultans - 10 free spins on some slot I've already forgot about.

Nothing from 32Red - I haven't deposited in 6 months but I did deposit a bit earlier in the year for the VP Deuces and Joker. No withdrawals and they never really gave me any enticement to return.


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I guess everyone have seen the gift I got from Guts. Nothing beats that so that's number one of course :thumbsup:
I also liked their calendar. A lot of free spins, and the final was great when I got to play games I didn't know existed.

I got me a cash gift from 32Red of course. Thanks Pat :thumbsup:
Their calender is good too.

A cash gift from Refilliates. Very much needed so a huge thank you Dieter :thumbsup:
I never looked at their calender so can't say much about it.

Thrills have a calendar that is still going. I hope it will be better because I can't see so much great in it and no gifts more than a few spins or spins I have to pay for.

Next and Vera&John was nothing for me. I didn't like them at all and the bonus game at Vera&John was horrible, silly and stupid!
Nothing else special to mention. Well, maybe that no RTG gave me anything. I had expect at least from Club World but no.
Things I have to pay to get I don't see as gifts. I pay to play all year anyway:rolleyes:


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Well, I promote a lot of these places, but to be blatantly honest, some of these places (as expected) think that players are Santa Clause to dish out their funds to the Casinos for utter crap or nothing at All.

The Best Promos this December:

1. Mr Green - Lots of Free Spins - Won a few $$$ off those.

2. All British Casino - One Deposit and the rest was Free. Whether is was 4-8 Spins, Nice gesture.

3. Guts - They were OK this Christmas - A few Deposit Bonuses and Free Spins.

The WORST Promos I saw.

1. Cherry Casino - 24 Days of Laughs - My goodness was this 24 Days of a complete joke. They probably dished out 5 Free Spins on 2-3 days but everyday they wanted you to deposit and get 10 - 20 Free Spins. The team that thought of the utterly time wasting '24 Laughs Theme' are simply clueless. You needed to go in to the page and put some stupid text attached to a picture in order to get the offer and 99% of the time, it was Deposit Today and Get 20 Free Spins.

2. Buck and Butler - They Initially Gave out 1 Batch of Free Spins, then resorted to misleading promos, then changed it to be straight up and then offered deposit bonuses every day in the region of 25 - 30%.

3. Betsafe - Really Bad - I deposited maybe even TRIPLE Figures there this year - Reward - 15 Free Spins like the rest of you.

4. Redbet - Nothing, 5 Free Spins on Xmas, Poor Calendar - Really going downhill IMPO - PLEASE Get back to how you were WHEN Andy was there!!!

5. Casumo - Wanted you to achieve impossible feats while using lots of money to get to the top for an Iphone 6 - Really Bad!

6. Casino euro - $2 Free on Christmas day - lol

As Dunover pointed out, its about Loyalty and which brands made an EFFORT to look after loyal plyers. In the end, some were OK, and others were simply just pathetic.



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32red bad nothing ( 100% match 25th ) casumo just the normal crap of deposit bonuses . casinoluck did have some 50 free spin offers ( with deposit but ten times wagering to get the 50 free spins )

inet bet 5 pounds free max cashout of 25 always thought it was min of 10x chip for cashout , the only RTG casino i have left
redbet absolute shock well carry on with your promos they really do suck , since andy has gone there client side of things has become very poor indeed

leovegas did send email last night for 15 free spins at least they bothered & had a good year year there anyway

guts & bet at by far best promos

thrills thought to be fair these guys would have come up with something far better , disappointed to say the least with not a lot other than deposit yesterday for 20 quid today

theres a few others as well im not bothering to mention because its clear out time new year so im axing a good few casinos , nothing really to do with promos at christmas , but how much spent over the year to find they really dont give a shit.


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i had

- Coral 10€ games bonus
- Casinoclub tons of Free spins from Nov.1 until New Year
- Verajohn bargain points into free spins ~ 20€ bonus money
- 7Red 25Free spins, could turn it into 150€ Real money best promo so far
- Netbet Advent calender daily points and one time 10€ bonus money
- Stargames 10€ bonus money

thats all


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Big thanks to 32Red and Inetbet, they really came through with some nice bonuses.
While they've never disappointed before, I wasn't really expecting anything, as I've not given them much play this year.

Special thanks to MrGreen, who really outdid themselves with their Christmas calendar.

I would like to see better bonuses from Betsson/Betsafe - I've learned not to get my hopes up though.

Redbet - I didn't really get the Christmas vibe - most days it was just regular offers, perhaps a few extra "daily freespins".

Guts - I did not qualify for free spins (my fault). I was hoping they'd still recognize my loyalty though. They got most of my play this year.
(I am ahead with them.)



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For me, the biggest disappointment was 32Red. I do feel I am a loyal player, and play pretty much exclusively slots. Nearly 100 deposits this year (plus a couple of reversals), totalling over $5,300, and just under $3,000 in withdrawals. Xmas promos were late starting, and not overwhelming overall IMO. I do thank them for the CM tourney upcoming though.

I thought Guts was probably the most generous in terms of absolutely free for all players that made a small deposit (especially since freespins are wager free).

Bet-At had a great calendar, wish my budget had let me play more days. Since your own funds are never tied into a bonus until you lose them, I think every bonus they offer is a good one. Super Santa promo for us CM members was awesome, I am anxiously awaiting results.

I enjoy Lucky Dinos daily free spin... 30 (31?) for every player, plus prizes for the top players is pretty generous when you dont need to make multiple deposits.

Not much of a player with LaVida, but they sent a nice snail mail card with a $25 gift, so quite a nice surprise.

Same goes for Grande Vegas, not a big depositor there, but a nice snail mail and free chip.


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Except the useless rubbish bonus offers bar a few, I all I got given was 15 free spins of leo vegas & 5 from red bet, And I only ever made a few deposits at them

I missed corals bonus yesterday, Deposit and spend £10 on a machine and get £25 free with 10X wager:mad: