Thunderstruck- this is supposed to pay, right?


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Apr 23, 2006
Springfield IL
Just got this spin on Thunderstruck yesterday:

Old / Expired Link

The bottom line (3) has 3 castles, which is a pay of 15 accoridng to the paytable. I didnt double this spin (yet).

I've emailed the casino already, just thought you guys should have a heads up.
All wins pay left to right except scaters which pay any. Are you new to gambling?
For the three castles to have been a winning combination they should have been on the first three reels.
Umberto is correct, the paylines run from left-to-right only, therefore, that third castle would have needed to be at the bottom of the third reel in order for you to have a winning combination.

I saw the title of this thread and thought you had an unfortunate experience to share. I was expecting something like, you lost $1,000.00 playing over 10,000 spins at $0.09 a pop without ever hitting the feature.

The slot pays from the left side to the right side so the images must line up scrolling left to right. A wild thor can substitute for any symbol but a scatter ram I believe.

The funny thing is for me is when I play Thunderstruck I sometimes look at the screen, seeing all sort of like symbols all over the screen and go "Damn, that sure looked like it was going to pay off" then the next spin looks pretty bland with a thor in it but nothing else all that flashy and low and behold it is worth 45 to 100 bucks lol.

All in all it is a very fun slot to play, I play it in fun mode a lot just to watch some of the amazing hits that I rarely get when my cash is on the line :).
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Aren't you worried that another casino is going to invoke the "Under 21" rule and deny another cashout when it comes? Why press your luck....?

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