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Jun 30, 1998
Well, I'm just back from the trenches. Great Game! Thunderstruck Slots is a 9 line 5 coin slot which is the first Microgaming 9 liner that players can play 1 cent on. Kudos for MG since this has been one of the biggest problems with their slots; they're just too damn expensive to play. Here the most modest gambler can enjoy the game at 45 cents a spin (that's at a max coin bet for nine lines, you can take it down to 9 cents a spin, but why bother?).

And for you video poker fans who get frustrated at not being able to "double" your winnings, there is a double feature there too. Very bitchin'

Anyway, I logged onto Crazy Vegas and deposited $200. Here is how it went:

In the beginning, I was getting my ass kicked. I usually play $2.25 a spin since I can't see it being worthwhile if I bet any less, but I didn't hit the "bonus round" until I went through the first $100. And it was a disappointing bonus round with a total of $14.50 win. But I was determined to get another bonus round, so I wished real hard and "poof" another one showed up. This time I took in $26 which was still a bummer. But in between these rounds I was getting some decent hits; a couple for over $35!

Then I hit the bonus round again for $101 which was MUCH better, and then almost immediately again for $192. So I cashed out $200 with around $100 left, played that some more until I was down to about $50, then hit one more bonus round for $66. So I have about $100 left to dick around with later today.

If you're wondering where to play, it's at most Viper powered MG casinos right now. You can check my listing here which should state if they are Viper powered or not.

Any other experiences?
FINALLY! I don't know why they can't adjust some of the other slot games to take less than a quarter per line too. It really wouldn't be that hard to do from a programmical sense. Glad to see they finally got one at least. Can't wait to give it a try tonite.

None of my Viper Casinos are downloading the update - looks like there's something wrong on my machine... so I have to download a new Viper... LOL...

... and unfortunately for the casino I was playing at while waiting for the update... I hit a royal :)
<hr size=0>quote:<p>... and unfortunately for the casino I was playing at while waiting for the update... I hit a royal <hr size=0>​

I have YET to hit a royal! And I play just about daily!

When I was in Vegas I was playing 100 way VP and there was a RF in one of the "hundred" once. It was a penny machine, so it couldn't have been a big win. I don't even remember...

I was playing at Crazy Vegas. It appeared when I logged on and all I did was download it.
I've been kicking some ass. I received three rams during my bonus round spin which ended up with a $225 payout. I hit the bonus round with $4 left in my account. So far I've cashed out $550 on a $200 deposit!

How will I ever get any work done now??
Now I have $1550 pending cash out....

Not bad for $200 :D

I'm addicted now. Time to go to bed...
Wow, that's amazing Bryan, wtg! I can't wait to get home to try this new game. Grand Bay has apparently given me $25 to try it with, woohoo!

Keep playing for those royals, it took a long time before I finally hit my first, and then it was on a deuces wild machine drawing 5 new cards (heart royal). Since then I see them more & more often. Don't give up hope! BTW, Viper is very good for royals I've found.
WTF? $1550?

When I played, Thunderstruck was as tight as a scatter ram's... now I know why... :xxx

JPM - exactly right - if you subscribed to my newsletter, you'll have read that that was my 3rd on Viper out of four total, and none in a land based casino :) Though I normally don't play that much, maybe once every month or so, this month I played a lot more than usual, so the royal only took me back to even...
Sometimes I up the bet to $9 a spin...for three or four spins just to see what happens, and after about three spins I hit five "staffs" on line one four $750.

Now to leave it alone for a day so I can get some things done.

As for Royals jpm, I've had my share of Royals Deuces wild. I was even dealt this as an initial hand at Sun Vegas's power poker. I even hit four dueces twice within fifteen minutes of each other. I've just never hit a natural Royal...and I know how to play :D

You wouldn't go anywhere near a dollar slot in Vegas... LMAO...

Here's how to hit a natural Royal.

1. Go play Jacks or Better or Aces and Faces at a Viper Casino.

2. Deposit $1,000 (if you're playing 25 cents x 5 coins x 4 lines) - raise deposit accordingly.

3. Go into Expert mode, turn the sounds off, set the delay between hands to 0, hands to play to 500 - and stop when win equals or exceeds $1000.

4. Hit the Autoplay button.

5. Go to lunch, tend the garden, take a nap, whatever... but not until you have gauged how long it will take to play 500 hands (on a good broadband connection, this will be 15-20 hands a minute. On a dialup, can be as low as 5 hands a minute. If you need a longer period, go back to step 3 and adjust the delay between hands accordingly.

6. Check back (25 minutes for broadband, 100 minutes for dialup) - if you're lucky, there's a Royal waiting for you.

7. If deposit runs out, start over again from step #2. If there's still money left, hit Autoplay again.

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You guys make me so jealous about all the big Hit. WTG to your winning.
It's great they finally offer a "cheaper" Video Slot games. I always want to try it but can't see myself puting $4.50 per spin. 1 cent is more my style. LOL!

Good luck!!!
Wow, I had so much fun on playing this Video Slot. Got few free 15 spin and few nice hit.
I open an new account at Crazy Vegas and deposit $100 at Crazy Vegas and got up to $375. Cash out $300 now. This will make up the lost at Boss Media few day ago! LOL!
Thank you ~ !

(I never receive the sign up bonus there and won't take it either. So I think I can cash-in without meeting the wager requirement!)
Nice one Bewitch :)

It's a fun slot, for sure... especially when the Scatter Rams make an appearance!

Now if I could only figure out what their favorite food is...
LOL Spear! I couldn't get those rams either, two was the most. I'm hooked on that slot now, lol!
Heir Meister said: As for Royals jpm, I've had my share of Royals Deuces wild. I was even dealt this as an initial hand at Sun Vegas's power poker. I even hit four dueces twice within fifteen minutes of each other. I've just never hit a natural Royal...and I know how to play

I think you misunderstood Bryan, I was talking about a natural royal on that deuces wild machine I was playing. That's what surprised me most. I threw 5 useless cards and drew a natural royal for my first royal. Deuces royals are for kids!

LMAO Spear, that sounds like the perfect strategy for finding the elusive royal. Let us know how it works out Bryan!
Well, I had a horrible session with that game! I lost $700 in a very short time betting max $4.50 and $2.25. I never even hit the spin bonus. :( ... I went over and started playing the couch potato slot $2 denomination (5x & 25x multiplier) and just hit $600 on 5x double green... so, I'm even... will give it a rest and hope for a better session on that 9 line slot later.
Too bad chuckwk! I've been averaging two spin bonuses per $100 bet (mostly $2.25 and $4.50). Last night I hit a spin bonus within a spin bonus twice, but I hit a dry run with only two or three wins in the bonus round. Boo hoo. But so far, I'm still ahead about $1050 out of $200 deposited.

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There are some LONG dry spells... like $60 down the tubes at 45 cents a spin without a single spin bonus... but finally I managed to get a few last night, one even came within the 15 free spins but paid way less than I spent trying to get started in the first place.

On the other hand, when you hit big, you hit really big. Very volatile game - either you love it or you hate it.
&lt;,&lt;,On the other hand, when you hit big, you hit really big. Very volatile game - either you love it or you hate it.&gt;,&gt;,

Exactly!!! I love/hate it. It's a very dangerous game for me. LOL!
I went to King Neptunes last night. Deposit $50 and play. Down to $5 and up to $165 after a big hit (the bonus run only came twice and didn't make too much). I should just stop there. But I hook on it and lost it all (including the sign up bonus $100, I asked it after my first deposit is $1)

I will be busy today. Keep me away from this slot!!! BTW, I never hit any Royal. I don't even know how it look like. LOL!

Have fun!
So far, I'm loving this new game. I played it over the weekend at 7 Sultans & Platinum Play casinos. It was pretty good at PP, made about $300 on it there playing nickels ($2.25/spin) in a pretty short amount of time.

At 7 sultans, it was stone cold when I first tried it for $100. Then I deposited another $100 and tried Couch Potato for a while, I was up & down on that one. Switched over to Carnival and tried that while I was still up a bit and that was totally cold. Brought me back to $100, so I switched back over to Thunderstruck and within a few spins it was on fire. I was hitting left & right, got 4 rams ($45 before my free spins even start!) and got a few good hits in the free spins for about $100 total. Kept playing and got 3 rams again, then got 5 staffs (with Thor, the doubling wild card) for $375!! On nickels!! I kept playing for a while longer, more rams, etc and eventually finished with $700. Not bad for starting with $100! So keeping in mind the $100 I lost to start, I was still up $500. I'll take that any day.

I also went over and tried it at Crazy Vegas and it was stone cold there as well. But when this game gets hot, you can make a bundle.
WTG, jpm.
The Thunderstruck is really either cold or hot. I stop since last night. Still waithing for my cashin from Carzyvegas.

I was never a bigt fan of Video slot (the spin is too expensive to me) until this one.... LOVE IT ~ !

Have a great Fall day to you. New England is beautiful and very colorful now. We even got few snow yesterday....
It is really nice to see a playground full of children with a new toy .. such excitement in their words.......hahahahaha!!!!!

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