Thunderstruck Payout Calculations Question


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Jun 24, 2001
I know there are some Thunderstruck experts on here and I have a question.

Except for the Rams, the payout is per line bet amount, not per total bet amount, that sounds right doesn't it? O.K. it maybe because it's Friday and my brain's scrambled, but is this correct.

For example, if you bet 90 cents overall, the line bet would be 10 cents, so even if you got 5 Thors, the payout would be 10,000 times 10cents, not 10,000 times the total 90 cents bet. That's the correct calculation isn't it?

Apologies if it's a dumb question, but blackjack's my usual game. :oops:
You got it right, the payout table shows the number of COINS you win with that combination, not a multiplier times the bet amount. The exception to this rule is the scatter wins, those are multipliers of the total bet amount. The same holds true with all of the slots in MG software that have scatters. I can't think of any there that don't work that way.

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