Thunderstruck 2 stats.


Dormant Account
Sep 30, 2013
after yesterdays mess ups i decided today i was going to withdraw 1000 euro from redbet and play off the 200 i still had, played various slots and some casino games and ended up with a balence of 109, decided for my last play today id fire up thunderstruck 2 and either get back to 200 euro or lose the 109, i wasnt hopeful!

here is the stats of my gameplay

ts2 stats.jpg

stakes varied from .30,.60,.90,1.20,1.50 with the vast majority of spins ( around 80% ) on .60, the top win was on 1.50, the other 2 on .60, i had a total of 13 feature rounds, highest paying 60-61x ( magic wild round, second after x5 ) i had 3 wildstorms, paying between 0x-25x, 2 wilds, 2wilds, 1wild respectively this was all done on autoplay while doing other things, ended up winning about 103 euro for the session, which isnt bad considering highest win was under 70x, bank dropped as low as 5X.XX euro on 1.50 spins before a couple big wins then the 75.xx spin, I wanted to complete all the bonus rounds but i just couldnt, highest i waited i think was 450+ spins for 1 bonus, other times i had 3 in under 100 spins, such is the nature of slots, but i achived my goal so i wont be tempting fate anymore this afternoon, may play some tonight on other slots, but TS2 lived up to its rep, i shall one day achive the 4 stacked wilds, alas not today.

Even tho they are nearly identical, i still prefer immortal romance, i guess its the music :(

have a great day all!