Thunderstruck 2 features.


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Hi, I played tsII earlier this afternoon and got the 3 bonus symbols. I was betting £2.10 a spin,
Clicked on the forth bonus (25 free spins with rolling reels) Paid £1080, quite a good win.
I often wondered what's the most this feature ever paid to date?
I have played this slot on £15 max spins, I don't think I have won more than £2.5k off the features a few times.
Had a shit storm 2 wilds that paid 1k! Not that brilliant...
Over all, I like the slot!


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Hi Mabby2000!
i always choose second or first bonus feature, i like it the most. But i am pretty sure that 500 x total bet on any feature at TS II is great win.
Regaring wild storm, in my life i had few with 3 wild reels, which pay me zero, so i will better will not comment.