Thunderkick and PlaynGo extremely low RTP


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Oct 21, 2017
Hi all. I play on Videoslots and I have noticed that Thunderkick and PlaynGo have become the most filthiest moneygrubbers.

I have spent hundreds in the past couple of weeks on Pink Elephants, today i spent $40 and played 10c occasionally 20c. Had a fair few features but highest i got was just over 2 bucks.

Moon Princess, Book of Dead and Fruit Warp and pretty much any others relating to these 2 companies seem to go for my jugular.

I don't know if i am just unlucky but anyone noticed a change? Whether they have lowered the rtp even more may be the cause?

Could it be that i only play on mobile too?

Version wise I see Pink Elephamts has gone to v1.1.1 and now i am lucky to get to the second rat-thing no matter how little or much i play or no matter how many additional spins i get.

Moon Princess can take a good 30-50 spins to activate each of the girls too lately (more fool me for depositing $600 total on them at 40c to $1 and still had no moderate to big wins a few weeks back.)

I know gambling itself is chance and thats okay, but chance also dictates that if you play enough you will get lucky and quite frankly i appear to be shit out of that lol.


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Dec 13, 2014
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I think VS set all theirs to the highest RTP so it won’t have been lowered

Re the games- unfortunately MP and PE are just examples of needing to catch on a good day. Iv had a few decent hits on both but lately can’t hit anything.


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Dec 12, 2017
I think some people have big misconception what RTP real means. You can get true RTP after ( depend on game) milions of spins. Think about that like this: player1 gonna do 1000spins 1£ each and not gonna win anything. Player2 playing same stake is gonna win 957£ in 1st spin - RTP 95.7% for slot, not for you(more or less but i hope you get idea). Variance in slots is BIG, i mean really really big.


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May 25, 2018
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Im sure it all just comes down too luck at end of day just sounds like a cold streak ive played all those and have been paid nice then othertimes nothing