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Oct 17, 2004
Location, Location!
Just another one of those times when I feel I should give credit where credit's due!

Deposited 25 to receive the 25 monthly match on Wednesday. Hit a nice streak on the slots, leaving me with 1230 when I'd gone though my playthrough requirements. Cashed out to my bank card late Wednesday night, 1230 had appeared in my bank when I checked the statement online Friday morning.

That's SERIOUSLY quick! Every casino I know understandably takes 3-5 working days to pay back onto a card, so to see it back in my account and spendable in just over 24 hours is awesome - good show Ecash Direct/Total Bet :thumbsup:

On a related note, the Crypto slots do seem to offer amazing payback Vs stake when you hit a good run! The bonus features on the likes of 'Lucky Lady', 'Fat Cat', 'Hot Dog' etc can really bump your balance up when it's going your way! Definitely not as much fun to play as Microgaming, with not as many things to keep you interested, but nice nonetheless on winning days like that.
Just played out William Hill. Love Bugs is my fave slot at Crypto. Second month in a row I won there at William Hill playing it. 45 free spins and a 3x necklace makes me go :D
Ah yes! I love the free spins features... Can never seem to get the damn Love Bugs one though!!! Always the first reel or the last, never the two at the same time!! Heh hee.. Maybe I'll have another crack in the morning :D

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