Thumbs up for Palace Group


Dormant account
Mar 25, 2006
$2900 withdrawal to my account in 2 days after I requested a flush. They were happy to recieve my docs after paying me :D:thumbsup:
I'm pretty much strictly a slots junkie and have my best luck so far with casino rewards and palace group. Knock on wood.
Just can't seem to get the whole video poker thing
If you like slots - then I would definitely not recommend RTG!

Palace group are one of my favorites too!
I'm currently on my 22nd deposit bonus from Spin Palace (I don't take all of them) and I have never had any problems with this group! :thumbsup:
A lot of Pro Palace Group threads and posts since I knocked them :rolleyes:
Just coindence I'm sure.
To be fair they are a decent group, in a relative sense of course.

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