Three months at 3dice and I'm in the black


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$2132.00 in.

$2505.00 out.

Could have probably been twice that in withdraws but it's nice to spend a few hours playing heavy when your up.

Now I realize that over the long run the odds are obviously going to be in the casino's favor or they wouldn't be here, and I won't be quitting my day job anytime soon, but getting some decent play time and a cash out once in a while is what it's all about for me.

Thanks 3Dice

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Good going!:thumbsup: Personally, I've never done well at Inetbet.

I have cousins in Sterling Heights. They worked at the Chrysler plant that is (was?) around there.

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Since March 1...*not adding in comps/tournys/bonuses/etc, only money deposited and withdrawn*

Out...1,415...this is not actually withdrawals, I wanted to add in ones I cancelled too. Real withdrawals would be a much smaller sum.

Negative 1,159

Last few days of February withdrew 2,450


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I'd have to add it up again to see exactly how much, but 3dice is actually one of only two casinos where I'm in the black. And you can't count one of them (gowild) since they gave USA players the shaft. Too bad, too. I was up over $3k there.

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Add on $30 to that with a whole 15 minutes of fun. One bonus round on coral clams for 25cents that paid a little over $1. :rolleyes:

Don't know what I did to 3dice, but it must have been pretty bad, oh well...

Thank goodness I saved some money for another casino.