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Tips Three Card Poker, possibly the most dangerous casino game of all.

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by AntiWiFi_RF_783, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. AntiWiFi_RF_783

    AntiWiFi_RF_783 Banned User - violation of <a href="http://www.cas

    Hey all,

    wanted to warn all about Three Card Poker, (the gold version microgaming one is extremely fast), the most dangerous game of all casino table games.

    in the most recent session of 38 hands. the results went like this.
    (Optimal strategy in ante and play is to raise if you have a queen/6/4)

    lost 4 of 6 ace high's, lost 2 of 4 king high's, lost 6 of 7 queen high's
    won 3 of 3 pairs, won 2 of 2 flushes (dealer dnq one of them), and folded crap 16 times (dealer DNQ in only 3 of them anyway!)

    this game should be absolutely avoided like the plague, its a bankroll destroyer! :machinegu

    btw the probability of getting Straight flush = 0.22% !
    the probability of getting Three of a kind = 0.24% !
  2. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred mm3 webmeister

    Basically what we call '3-card Brag' or 'Bastard Brag' and yes, I'm surprised there is an online version of such a dull game.
  3. IanO

    IanO Regular Human

    Did you really just slam a game based on less that 40 hands?

    I think I speak for many of us here when I suggest you go add a few 0's to that sample size before we pass judgement. :)

    FWIW, the payout rate of Micorgamings three card poker gold is 98.24%... so with most slots coming in at 94%-98% it's definitely a stretch to call it the 'most dangerous game' imo.
  4. Simmo!

    Simmo! Moderator

    It's actually quite a good game. I play this when I visit land-based casinos because you can win 33-1, 34-1 on Pair Plus side-bets and extras on Prime (poor odds though). But in land-based it is a slower and more social game. Online it is fast and duller and on the few occasions I have tried it I have lost fast. So I don't ever play it online now.

    But now it's creeping into live deater casinos it will be a lot better.
  5. fun4all

    fun4all Senior Member

    It's quite a fun table game imo. The big hands do hit. Old now but a classic.
  6. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    I can see both points of view here. This is a game I have played quite a bit off & on over the years, and YES it can be a total b*st*rd bank-roll eater - especially the way I like to play it: At least 3 hands at once and a minimum ante of 5 credits on each hand (3 ante and 2 PP).
    But like all games, a good run can make a nice profit very quickly. :thumbsup:

    On this occasion I was playing 5-hands and got BOTH the top pay combinations in one deal!

    Attached Files:

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  7. fun4all

    fun4all Senior Member

    Ahhhh Ladbrokes microgaming :)
  8. dave1888

    dave1888 Meister Member PABnononaccred2 mm1

    Fold everything except 55 or better don't rely on big slick/big chick(AK and AQ) and certainly less than that also no good. Rookie error to rely on high card ;) Honestly 55 or better and your success rate should improve if you wanna practice 3 card poker play it for fun for a good couple hours on 3dice or mg software. Personally think 3dice has the best table card games I've played :thumbsup: The limits cater for all bankrolls too.
  9. jtcp

    jtcp Dormant account

    dave1888 what do you mean play only 55? only bet if you get a pair of 5 or higher? It does not sound right to me.. probability says that until you get a pair (any pair) you will have so many hands that can win (with or without the dealer qualifying), so not sure what you mean.

    I love three card poker myself and have my own 3 card poker strategy to win, which is always play Q-6-4 or higher and randomly bet on the side-bets, its not a mathematical strategy, but sometimes it helps me win more.

    I've been gathering information from many sites, who talk about how to win at three card poker (my favorites are You must register/login in order to see the link. & You must register/login in order to see the link.) but of course if you play long enough it is very likley that you leave empty handed, but have great thrill on the way :)
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  10. ThePOGG

    ThePOGG Meister Member webmeister

    He's wrong - Optimal strategy with for 3CP is to play any hand Q64 or better and fold anything weaker. The strategy suggested is clearly based on the player's own experience. You are going to have a far higher success rate playing only a pair of 5s or higher, but the truth is you'll lose more folding all the extra hands than you will placing the play bet on them over the long term.

    Blatant bit of self-advertising here, but this is another page you might like - You must register/login in order to see the link.

  11. davidsmith56

    davidsmith56 Senior Member

    Sorry but there is no way in which that is correct.Every basic strategy table you look at tells you to play Q-6-4 or higher.If you are going to throw away pairs of 2's,3's and 4's,you are forfeiting a win on the Pair Plus bet even if the dealer has a better hand.
  12. ThePOGG

    ThePOGG Meister Member webmeister

    Optimum strategy also wouldn't have you play the Pair Plus bet ;)
  13. davidsmith56

    davidsmith56 Senior Member

    Yep,you are right.However in all the time I have played 3 card poker in land based casinos,the number of players who only play the ante are few and far between.You are only going to have the chance of winning big by hitting three of a kind or a straight flush.A lot of players only play the Pair Plus but imagine the frustration if you hit a 33-1 or 35-1 hand and you have not made the bet.
  14. ThePOGG

    ThePOGG Meister Member webmeister

    When I gambled regularly I did so for different reasons than most other people lol. It was always about playing right, as long as I did then win, lose or missed win didn't matter. I've made the right decisions on Blackjack hands for what most people would consider VERY big bets and lost the lot, but as long as I know that I've made the right decision the loss didn't matter to me. I completely understand that other people gamble for other reasons - it was just a technical observation ;)
  15. davidsmith56

    davidsmith56 Senior Member

    I agree totally and i am very much of the same mindset.My game of choice is blackjack and i stick rigidly to basic strategy (and i often get strange looks from other players when i hit soft 18 against a dealer 9,10 or ace but it is the correct play).Like you,if i play correctly and lose simply because of bad cards,i do not feel particularly bad about it.It is only with 3 card poker that i stray from the optimal strategy and that it is only because on a number of occasions,a three of a kind or straight flush has managed to recoup earlier losses.

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