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Apr 25, 2020
I was just thinking as I have been lurking here reading all your posts this past week:oops:

Would anybody have interest in taking part in an ask me anything style thread?

The idea is simple.

We make a list here of people who want/are happy to answer questions and share stories alike.
Then we'll post a new thread per week or some other timeframe.
I think it could make for some interesting reading.

Q1.Your favourite slot?
Q2.Your fav actor?
Q3. Your best gambling related story?

Then the nominated participant answers said questions and so forth.

You guys get the idea!

Say limit it to 5 questions per post maybe?
What do people think?

It would make for some fun stories both gambling and otherwise.
Obviously people need only share what they feel comfortable doing so.
There is such a broad spectrum and mix here it could make for an interesting read.

MODS & CM overlords: if this is not ok or has been done before please ignore me or remove it. A quick search on threads and I could find a previous AMA here.

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