This what makes me mad.


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May 23, 2010
Some casino are getting a joke with there welcome bonuses.

"Royal Joker Casino

Terms and conditions for 25% Welcome Bonus up to $100:

1. Players receiving the Welcome Bonus will only be able to play a maximum bet amount of 50% the total of the initial deposit and bonus until the play through requirements have been met for the bonus.
2. The Welcome Bonus offer applies to game play on Royal Joker Online Casino only.
3. Players are subject to a 30 times play through requirement (bonus and deposit) before bonus credits are transferred into their cash balance."

30 times not only the bonus, but they want 30 times your deposit. It the fact they want 30 times your deposit that really gets me mad, That is the kind of thing that will stop me ever playing there. Wagering requirements were brought in to stop bonus abuse I believe, So what the Hell your deposit got to do with the bonus. It should only be your bonus that requires wagering, not your deposit too. NICE GREEDY TRAP from this casino, The 25% welcome is not worth taking.
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Apr 14, 2004
You should never expose 100% of your money to a 30x playthrough for just a 25% bonus. It's not good math. The only way I will ever play with a bonus is if it's at least 100% match. 30x playthrough is he max I will take a bonus on, even though there are some insane 50x + playthroughs out there.


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Nov 6, 2005
Basically their T&Cs say 30*D+B which is the same as 150*B on a 25% bonus.

They've written it that way because it sounds better than saying you need to wager your bonus 150 times.