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Mar 16, 2004
:thumbsup: As most of you know I started posting here when and refused to pay me my withdraw. To save time i will refer those not familiar with the case to my previous posts. Now on to the issue. I am not one to let an issue die quickly, especally when it comes to MY money, or poor service. So, I called's support center today. Just to "touch base" and see if there were any new developments. Well ladies and gents, it would appear someone there reads the posts on the meisters forum. This was the advice I was given...(now mind you, I am SUPER pissed about this whole episode, but I was able to maintain a calm and educated approach when speaking to them), the account "manager" told me to get my withdraw from Bryan. Thats right, she said, and I quote "why don't you ask the operator of the forum you posted on to pay you, because we won't". She went even farther as to quote to me some of my posts on this forum slamming I feel I have every right to to say anything I want about these F#@*s. Their claim of "we are just a third party" does not hold water with me. She also told me it illegal for me to give advice on how to do a chargeback, and if I did I would be sued. Again, I took a deep breath and tried to explain my side of the story, I still want my money. Of course that approach failed and we reverted to name calling. (Hey I'm only human). This is the only forum I have posted on. I was given advice from a friend about the meister and i figured what the hell. Furthermore, they are now claiming I am a fradulent player, if I chargeback my original deposits. By now I am sure the meister would have mentioned something if there was any proof I commited fraud. I encourage anyone who has an account with any casino to close your account and tell them why. Now of course if you are having a good experience with them this may seem harsh, but at the minimum...please...please be warned, I had a good time with them too...until it was my turn to get paid. Folks, we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars of play over the years, and they have the balls to tell me "have Bryan pay you"..........If you get burned by these bastards you can't say nobody warned you................ :eek2:
The arrogance of such a comment is truly astounding. Almost as astounding as the b.s. about being sued for telling how to do a chargeback. Tell them to go ahead and sue you, then you can countersue for all the money they owe you and won't even have to figure out who you'd need to sue.

I'm going to make sure I NEVER play at any place associated with them, and if I already have accounts anywhere that is associated with them, I will close them immediately. I'll also be sure to recommend the same to everyone I know.

I think its time to turn up the heat on these clowns. You should post your story, including these latest developments, on EVERY BOARD YOU CAN FIND. Hit them where it will hurt them most, right in the pocketbook. Maybe then they'll realize it would have been cheaper for them to pay what they owe to you than to lose all the business from people reading about your piss-poor experience.
This sort of thing from a manager is absolutely unacceptable, and I am glad that these playercenter people are reading this board so that they can see the consequences of their actions and the impact they have on players.

We have asked them for a comment, although we will probably not receive the common courtesy of a business response if this behaviour by a manager is anything to go by.

From what we're told here, it certainly sounds as if "service, courtesy and efficiency" are not words that feature highly in their policies.
See what happens when I try to help people? :what: And now I've got to pay the dude! Sheesh!

Islanjoescasino was a InteractiveGaming casino. The following are casinos and websites that are located on the IGS servers. =

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It Did Make Me Laugh

I am amazed at the things I have learned about all the different rip off places out there on this site. Thank you for the heads up on this ripoff bunch I think I'll spend my money where I will be treated with respect.

& Brian I didn't realize you were a mind reader (thanks for the list it was my next question)

I'm in the process of contacting my ecash provider who seems to be having personal problems.

I will contact you when his problems are over, and hopefully I won't have these personal problems as well. If I am problem free, be assured that your payment will be expedited - we pay all winners, as long as it isn't a problem.
Geez, that is one long list! Are they competing with the Virtual group for the most number of ripoff casinos?
lets get ready to rumble...

I have been getting some "strange" phone calls today...lots of unknown caller and blocked number's. Maybe I will have some "visitors" just in case i will post this warning to anyone i.e.'s hired muscle...I am a hard drinkin' gun totin' psyco. I love nothing more then a good fight................burp.............time for another :D
Thanks for the warning

Thanks for the heads up on this group. I will definitely stay away from all casinos affiliated with them, and that list will be a great help in weeding these crooks out. And a little message I would like to leave for management of this casino group if they are reading these posts. I have friends who play at some of the casinos listed and they will be pulling their accounts, and I will be sure to post anywhere I can regarding your treatment and ripoff of this player so good luck in finding players in the future, and I can guarantee that you will see a drastic decrease in business. One thing that can be learned from this is don't f@#* players. Maybe you will clean up your act after seeing what can happen when you do.

If you need any hollow points or ss109 rounds, I'd be happy to loan you some!

Or maybe a few APIT rounds if you want to get fancy, lol.
m249a said:
I have been getting some "strange" phone calls today...lots of unknown caller and blocked number's. Maybe I will have some "visitors" just in case i will post this warning to anyone i.e.'s hired muscle...I am a hard drinkin' gun totin' psyco. I love nothing more then a good fight................burp.............time for another :D
We've had a response from the software provider that uses Playercenter to whom the latter presumably sent our press query. Essentially, "Mark" of IGS PR claims this was all an unfortunate misunderstanding and he is going to look into it....

The fact that IGS answers a media query sent to Playercenter about the behaviour of a Playercenter CSR's rudeness speaks volumes to me - perhaps Playercenter is not so "third party" as these people would have us believe????

Keep us advised on this thread of whether IGS does something in case this is just a deflection tactic.

The ultimate and most effective sanction against bum casinos remains in the players' hands - witholding their business and going somewhere where they are treated in the appropriate manner.
I hope everything works out. I find it unfortunate that it had to come to a listing of all of their partner sites. I am sure, at least a few of these casinos are on the "up and up". However, like in most sales and customer based industries, one bad experience can hurt everyone involved. My entire goal here from the very begining was for nothing more than to get money I won fair and square. I truly feel bad if other people lose out as a result of's actions. But my opinion still stands. If you take anything away from this, stay the hell away from these people. Tell others to do the same, the writing is on the wall folks. It is most likely just a matter of time before someone else has "personal problems" and YOU are left holding the bag, while they laugh all the way to the bank. No one from "IGS" or playercenter, or the now defunct casino has contacted me directly to see if there was a way to make acceptable payment terms. We are and most likely will continue to remain nothing more to these people than a faceless, stupid ATM machine, that just keeps on paying. I have heard the "we are looking into this matter" for quite some time now. Action speaks louder then words. Until the meister tells me to stop, I will continue to keep this issue on the top of the forum. Everyone who visits this forum will get sick and tired of hearing about So sick of it in fact that whenever they try a new casino out and click on the cashier icon, and see welcome to playercenter, they will break their mouse in an effort to get away from that web site. This is my promise to you IGS and playercenter. You have called my bluff........except I wasn't bluffing....BTW I am in the process of filling formal complaints with Netteller, Visa and Mastercard. As well as anyone else who will listen. I am not faceless, nor will I simply go away after awhile. Anyone else with me???.............and thanks for the support so far from the other members of this forum......jetset, jpm,meister ect...
These people (and I am now personally convinced that Playercenter and IGS are closely connected and not just software producer and third party resource) need to get on the integrity wagon and look after the people playing at their sites....before there aren't any.

It took IGS six months to settle up with a victim of the Play4Treasure mess, and even then they bargained the guy down to only half what they owed him. That's not what I call honest and fair treatment.

Too many more examples of their money-grubbing, delaying tactics and players will start sidestepping every time they see that "Powered by IGS" logo.
Good luck! I email one of the casino I belong to (almost 1 year ago) and request to close my account. I also tell them they should be aware of their cashier, playcenter, bad repuation on this case.

Take care and hope everything turn out fine. I had been through your suitation since last June. It can be very stressful but hanging there to get your money back at least. I wish you best luck!!!! :)

To everyone who read this post and took action, either closing your account or staying away...thank you. Spread the word fellow gamblers. Just in case you have nothing better to do... send 'em an email with a nasty message............... thanks again :lolup:

I called playercenter today, just to see if there were any new developments. I was told they are unable to contact islandjoescasino owner, and as far as they knew their software provider had no intention of paying me either. Is it time to do the dreaded chargeback yet??? :what:

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