This one is a new rtg , is it virtual?


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Dec 2, 2001

It looks a bit like virtual casino, but it downloads as different. I have no idea who the owners are. Does anyone have any input on this, is it a definate no go, or is it and ok place to play?

I found this one last week and I do not believe it is part of the virtual group. This one seems to be based in the UK (not sure where the evil virtual group is) and I downloaded and played there with their generous 150% signup bonus. They also have numerous reload bonuses, etc. Their comps work very simply too, 1 point for every $1000 wagered (makes it easy to keep track of your wagering), and each point is worth $1. Minimum of 10 required to convert.

The BEST part about this bonus is that it is NOT the typical wager-on-slots-only bonus. You can play just about anything with it! The only banned games are Craps, Roulette & Baccarat! I played a bunch of 100 hand vp for a penny a hand (and you can double up at this level), some slots I think, and some caribbean 21 ($5 max). Did well on everything I played and the response time for the games is lightning fast, unlike alot of other RTG casinos (why do some have such a LONG delay when playing 100 hand vp?? I don't trust that, since those are also the ones that I never get a good hand playing that game either). Wagering requirements are 15x which I exceeded easily. Withdrew my deposit and a bit of a profit, but haven't received it yet.

I was going to wait until I got the cashin and then do a writeup of my experience there (anticipating a recommendation). I will give them a big thumbs up for their support. They have telephone support people who are friendly, helpful and knowledgable. They very quickly told me how much I wagered and how much more I needed to wager. Emails were answered within about 2-3 mins! Including after cashout when they requested a copy of photo ID and utility bill (have those scanned in and ready to email), and I emailed them as attachements. They replied almost immediately to tell me they were received and approved and my cashin would be processed in the 4-7 days stated on the website.

I expect it to hit neteller monday or tuesday, since I cashed in on thursday. I'll keep you all posted, but right now they seem to be a great outfit. I'll be VERY happy if this turns out to be as good as it seems so far, since I love the RTG software and would love to have one run by real good management. If their cashins were faster, they'd be pretty much purrfect (couldn't resist!).
Lukas85 said:
the T&Cs seem to be very customer friendly - compared to others ie Golden Reef etc...

to me clear, short T&Cs make allways a good first impression....

I agree, regarding the simplicity of the T&C's.
Now...IMHO...I think that WR's...15X D+B is excessive.
To me thats alot of wagering.
But, that's my opinion. :D
Its definately a new one. I don't think 15x w/r are excessive though, considering they let you play pretty much anything you want except the even-money type games. That in itself is pretty relaxed these days. And playing bj or 100 hand vp, it adds up pretty fast.
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Not sure what I should say for the previous post. :p
Anyone got paid by this outfit yet?
Interesting kniepm, thanks for clearing that up, lol.

Not yet hhc, but I expect any day now. Their website says 2 - 7 BUSINESS days. Since I started my cashin thursday nite, that's really only been 1 day till today so I fully expect it this week. I'll post as soon as it hits.

Well I am VERY happy to report that I got my winnings deposited into my neteller account from Cool Cat Casino this morning. That was between 2 & 3 business days as promised. :thumbsup:

Can't tell you how happy I am to find an RTG like this, fair games, good bonuses, great customer support, and quick payouts with no b.s. (once you send them proof of ID). They are highly recommended in my book. :D Bryan, looks like these are one of the good guys.
No, I don't think so. Are they RTG or some other flavor?
Coolcat's Support is responsive - for what it's worth they replied to our queries within a day to tell us that they were a stand-alone RTG with no sister casinos.
I just did my 2nd deposit with them tonite, got a nice 60% bonus and made about $100 playing 100 hand double double bonus for pennies. I'm loving this place so far!
Do they ask for a faxback form when you cashin? Cos I hate having to print it out and scan it back into my computer.
not a faxback form, but they do want a copy of a photo ID and utility bill. I've got those scanned in already and sent it as soon as they asked. They confirmed it was good in about 5 mins and didn't want anything else from me.
Thx jpm. I've got utility and id documents scanned into my PC but because I don't have a scanner or printer at the moment so I find sending fax back forms really time consuming.
I had a nice win here and cashed in on the 08/april/04 not received a penny yet.I`m not unduly worried yet, cirrus connection aside think its more likely to be the easter holidays that have slowed my cashin down.Or atleast i`m hoping it is.Will post back here once the funds hit my neteller account,they have accepted my ID docs so there`s no worries on that score.
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Think this one is beginning to set some alarm bells ringing now,I have not been paid now since 8/april/04 which on its own is not such a bad thing.However since cashing in they have had a fresh new set of terms published and much harsher T&Cs at that.They now have the WR at 25 x B+D + the bonus is non cashable :eek: .When I cashed in the terms were 20 x B+D and bonus fully cashable.This could and most prob going to be like pulling teeth to get paid now.
The worse possible scenario is
1 They grab the bonus back
2 They reverse my cashin and force me to meet the new WR,thus delaying my cashin for another week.
The best scenario
1 They pay up what they owe me in full and comply with the terms that I signed up for and cashed in on.
Wonder which way it goes?
Yeah, those new w/r are alot tighter than they were initally, and the bonus was cashable under the old terms too (I saved a copy when I signed up). I'm guessing that they must have had alot of people take advantage of this promo and that's probably why they changed it. It was pretty generous by today's standards.

Is your cashin showing as still waiting in the history screen? Try the live chat link on their website to see what the status is.
Plucked up the courage to ask livechat the tough question,still not to clear as to how things are going to pan out as she still seemed a bit reserved but i1m slightlty more hopeful.
Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Ross@nne'
Ross@nne: Hi! My name is Rossanne - How can I help you today?
you: Hi,when I deposited and cashed in you had different T&Cs to what you have now,are the T&Cs that I signed up for and cashed in on the ones I am party to
Ross@nne: Please give me a moment to check on that
you: ok
Ross@nne: Can I have your username, please
you: xxxxxx
Ross@nne: Well actually we change it
Ross@nne: but
Ross@nne: I will need to change what T&C were applied on your withdrawal request
you: the T&Cs were 20 x B+D when I played and cashed in
you: 8th,april/04
Ross@nne: You have already completed the wager requirements
Ross@nne: Your withdrawal will be approved within this week
you: yes thats correct 6000+
Ross@nne: As soon as it is approved we will send you an e-mail
you: ok so I need not be worried with regard to having the new T&Cs put on my cashin dated 8th,april/04 thats great.thankyou
Ross@nne: You are welcome
you: bye
jpm said:
Its definately a new one. I don't think 15x w/r are excessive though, considering they let you play pretty much anything you want except the even-money type games. That in itself is pretty relaxed these days. And playing bj or 100 hand vp, it adds up pretty fast.

This what I encountered at COOL CAT CASINO. 2 days ago I deposited $200.00 when I went to play I seen that a $160.00 bonus had been added to my account. So I called customer service to find out the particulars on this $160.00 bonus they added. I was told by customer service that the WR's are 25 times the D&B if I'm going to play blackjack. At the same time I get an email from Kim welcoming me to the COOL CAT CASINO and advising me that the WR's are 20 times not 25 times. The customer service rep said that she would note my account in that she was able to verify the email that I told her I received. Even so the wagering requirement nut to crack is $7,200.00 and that's one hell of a lot of money.

But the real "ball buster" for me came today after having played a total of six sessions over the course of the last two days and parlaying about a grand in those six sessions. I went to play my seventh session and I discovered that the wager window was now $5.00 to $250.00 rather than $1.00 to $250.00. Lastly, in that seventh session the HOUSE enjoyed a big time run of 48 wins or pushes to 17 wins for the player with 6 pushes on a pat 20 or drawn 21.

I've gambled on the internet for some seven years now and in that time I've never experienced a casino changing up the wager window with only the one exception of Hamton casino. I'll be thinking long and hard before I play there again.

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