This November I'm still casting my vote to this guy!!


Nurses love to give shots
Dec 16, 2004
The country is looking for two conflicting qualities in the next president & I know I can give change and stability in Health & the Welfare of all Americans.
Here are things I will do in office.
1) Hang all Sex Offenders The Perves of the World.
2)Get rid of all Porn sites.(If you can't get it from your wife or girlfriend get a life)
3) Give every American $500.000.00 each year. (So they can give Love & Happiness to loved one's Use a buddy system where all American get all jobs done.
4) Get rid of all garage type of gaming places online a boot in the @ And make the better one's grow.We American need to have fun & to enjoy life with the best entertainment
5) Get rid of all Two Faced F^%$ that talk on gaming forums lol that they think they are God or something.:lolup:
6) Give 101% in Health Care and call it "Free Health To All":thumbsup:
7) Make all US goods made in the US
8) All Cars run on pure water
9) Lets take care of all children because they are our future of this great land we live.
10) Find a cure for all diseases:thumbsup:
11) STOP THE WAR (No More Killing)
This is only afew that are planed.for now. I need to go to bed so I can rest my brain so I can go to work tonight to save lives.
Good Night see ya when I wake up.


Keep winning this amount.
Mar 10, 2005
My money is on Pedro.