This is Vegas (and my conversation with them)


Ueber Meister Mouse
Sep 12, 2004
I was a couple hundred ahead at SciFi casino (RTG) when I found out they had told an affiliate my account was flagged by security and marked "Not in Good Standing". :eek: What did that mean? It meant I was in the black and ineligible for bonuses (which I rarely took anyway except for winning forum tournaments or whatever).

Was I pissed off. You bet. Did I stop playing there? You bet. So they had no chance to get their money back. :p

A Rival rep has previously stated on this forum (I don't have time to track it down) that they like for players to play a certain percentage OVER the WR. I forget how much he said. It's insane. As everyone is saying... if WR are NOT 25x but 27.5x (or whatever) then SAY SO! It is a trap, if not openly stated in the T&C.