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Oct 9, 2006
You won't believe this but this is what happened:

I had $20 in my Ibet account for when I got back from Atlantic City. Since I lost so bad (in my eyes) I wanted to see if my bad streak was over yet. I decided to play the $20 when I got up this morning.

I was down to 5 cents!!!! (no lie), I played 5 little lines saying I got nothing to lose instead of putting more money in on Cleopatra (its up to $14K) I got the free 15 spins for a measly $3.46 (of course, I only had 5 cents in it). I took the $3.46 and moved to 40 cents (lol). I got the bonus again and got up to $40.............I used the $40 and got ANOTHER BONUS ......I now took that 5 cents to $206.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cashed out for $100 and still have $100!!!! See.........I told you that it doesnt matter whether you play 5 cents or $5.....if it's there, it's there :)

I hope you all did well while I was away!!
Truly amazing! Congrats babs, it must've felt great to see this happen!

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You won't believe this but this is what happened:

......I now took that 5 cents to $206.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I believe it!
Reminds me of when I was down to my last $1.07 at an MG when I hit the free-spins on Spring Break. Took much longer than you, but eventually turned that $1.07 into a $250 cash-out!

Good feeling, isn't it! :thumbsup:
Best from Dregs

Perhaps a new thread, who has made the biggest cashout from dregs left in an account (small enough to just be trying to get rid of it by zeroing out rather than intending to win anything).

Theoretically, anything is possible, those 5c could have hit the random jackpot!
In Video Poker, one of my Royal Flushes took me from my last 40 or so to 4000 on the penultimate hand before needing to make another deposit.

More recently, 400 left behind after cashing out 2000 made it to 8000 on Thunderstruck (winner screenshots), not quite dregs though, I was trying to make a seriously big hit by upping the bet.
Can't say that I've ever come back from a nickel, but pretty damn close. I've been down to 50 cents or less, and either hit free spins or the ice hammers or something...and worked it back up to $100 or more. I can't count the times that I've done the same thing from a few dollars worth of loyalty pts, or from a couple of bucks left in the account. To me, those times are more satisfying and more of a rush, than if I'd deposited $50 and got it up to $200. It's part of the reason I (and probably others) play in the first place....the thought of turning a very small amount into something substantial. Now ask me how many times I've cashed out that $100 from $3? :rolleyes:
Yep I hear that because it is so totaly unexpected. The best one I ever did, I had $5.00 in comp points, and three nickle jackpots and cashed out $1,000.
Well actualy 900 because I spent 100 back the next day;)

My best results were when I managed to turn $3 worth of comp points into $320 playing blackjack, and when I dropped my last 25c into a VP machine, hit a straight flush, and eventually got my bankroll up to $45.
Great Stories!!

I love these type of stories. I cant believe how many bonus spins Im getting on this Cleopatra and two of them retriggers. I cashed out that 100.00 and got back up to $160 from that $100 I held on too. I am at $100

I keep checking back every hour and playing a few. It's over $14K and I think it's gonna blow. This is the most bonus spins I ever got from a game. I have counted atleast 6 and usually when it's this high, I dont even get one!!!

I just feel it! LOL

Share more of your dregs to riches stories.....i love them!!
yes this could be a great thread....I had 5 cents in my account, played tripple 7s, wona couple of coins, then played them all and hit a small jackpot, $25 or so. Then I played more war and lost it but it was fun!:)
Everyone has probably heard the story about the trip to Vegas than inspired me to get into online gambling. I had only $1 in cash. I decided to bet the $1 a few minutes before leaving, my only bet of the day. That spin won $750. It was the perfect end to an incredible trip.

My biggest percentage increase online was from ~$1 to ~$150. I lost some large bets and was left with ~$1 change due to rounding. After some spins on Isis, I was up to about $40. I worked my way up to ~$150 on BJ.
Im up $368 from that 5 cents

11/26/2006 5:30:09 PM NETeller Withdrawal Requested ($100.00)
11/26/2006 5:18:07 PM NETeller Withdrawal Requested ($100.00)
11/26/2006 8:51:58 AM NETeller Withdrawal Requested ($100.00

OMG, I cant believe this, All from 5 cents!! I left 68.00 in to keep playing. I hit 4 Cleos for $108 This is sooo great. I got 1/2 my loss back from A.C.
Way to go! I know how it feels when you come from nothing and get to cash out. I was down to my last $1.00, needed 1.25 to complete the reels but played the 1.00. Hit for 10.00. Switched to Keno hit 5/5 for 60.00. Played high stakes keno hit 5/5 for 200.00. Played a bit more and hit 7/7 for $1700.00, on a quarter bet. Oh what a feeling! :)
I hope you get it Babs .:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
I once got a $30 bonus from the forum I worked at and couldn't stop winning at Grand Bay . I hit free spins on every slot I played that night and cashed out $750 . It was in my bank account on Christmas Eve .
One of my lucky days was....

a trip to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. I had blown all of my money and was walking around with my pockets turned out. While walking through the high limit slot area I found a 25 dollar machine with one credit in. I hit the cash-out button and went to the cage for my $25.00 cash. Then found a quarter machine....inserted the $20.00 bill and within a few hands hit five 3's for $1,000.00 on joker poker. What a dream!

I love these story's. Whenever I run out of money and am waiting for friends at a casino, I just stroll around and look for the jackpots that others are hitting. Kind of gives me hope for possible future hits.
Sooo Cool

I love these last 2 stories, OMG, imagine finding a credit in a machine and winning with it!! I love the $1 story, great xmas gift :)
Congrats Babs! Just keep spinning and cashing out as you go. You may recoup your losses from AC!

My best comeback story. I wasn't having a lot of luck so I decided to take a break. Then I remembered I might have some comp points in my 49er Casino account. I did! It turned out in real money to add up to $1.23. Well several hours later I had over $225.00 in my account.

I got down to $.23 and hit on Alladin's Wishes. The feature triggered seven times all total. Then I played on Fruit Frenzy again playing conservatively and hit the feature 3 times. This was in September. :D
That remind me when I lived in Reno and found a bucket of coins someone left next to a machine, my guess about 20 bucks of dollar coins. I put a few in it and hit $500. I was only in there that day for a beer, not to gamble. Didnt gamble too much then. But was happy to go home with the $500


I remember one time my husband and I were in Caesers Palace (B&M) in Atlantic City. Well he walked over to a machine filled with quarters, I mean it was FULL, He sat there for over 20 minutes and noone came to claim it.

You know what he did? He grabbed a security guard and said, "I think someone left their money in this machine" what a dodo!!!! The guard scooped out all of the quarters and gave it to the cashier. They put it in their machine and kept it!!!!

Normally, Im a very honest person, but when it's a casino, do you really think they are going to scope the place to find the owner of that money?? LMAO
He learned after that.
Just a comment:

You will often find left over credits in Vegas airport slot machines.

People play until their flights board and just walk away, leaving small sums in the machines rather than trying to cash out a few bucks and missing their plane.

I have both left money there and used money others left. No great stories to report though, but you never know!
Congrats Babs.. yeah, there really ARE times when scared money DOES win.. happened to me a couple of times...Once I had a $5 comp with no playthrough reqs and turned it into $200, then was down to my last 2 or 3 bucks and won $50 off 4 Deuces in MG videopoker.

As far as the B&Ms go, I think someone got confused and left at one of the "Wheel of Fortune" type games and it was waiting for them to spin the wheel. Well, I waited a while, trying to give them the benefit of the doubt (in case they got up for a sec and would come back), then I spun the wheel and cashed out (and moved quick). But the floor people will be just as quick to tell you to go cash out a ticket on a machine during closing that someone left (although then its usually little amounts, but once it was $20 and a good free $20 to me when I was near broke!)

Just wish I could have one of those lucky moments now.. but I guess everyone gets their time!

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