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Jul 5, 2003
The Boonies
I received the following in my mail:

Connect to Casino should be on your blacklist.

I won money on this casino and when i went to cash out my account was blocked. I know the rules say 1 account per person per computer per household. My crime was going down to my girlfriends house to play on her computer because it is faster. After 3 weeks of dealing with them and sending all the info in that they requested (which i have had to do with several other casinos, bingo halls, and poker rooms with no problems after that) they unblocked my account but removed all my winnings. I asked them why they took my money they said multiple accounts again. I asked them then why was my account unblocked. They had no answer and still refused to give me my money

This is unsigned, does not address me, I do not carry connectto so it's not one of my players.

I don't see it posted here - Bryan, did they pitch a bitch?

I have no idea who this is, except their email is

Since this person has failed to give any pertinent info that would allow me to check into things, I have to consider it a smear campaign.

Anyone who signs up with a casino through my site is always welcome to complain to me and I will always see what I can do to help. I even sometimes do so for people who didn't go through my site, if I think I have a nice connection to work with. BUT - don't spam me with smear campaigns!
They did something similar to me, minus the telling me why they blocked me part. Check my thread in this subforum for details... I believe that some sanction should be taken against them...
And you did the right thing, anorax, by posting here, where things can be sorted out.

What bothers me is to get a mail that is not adressing me personally, is not signed and has no info about the player that I might follow things up with. That does bother me.

I am not a friend of connectto - I don't promote them because I am not sure I trust them.

I just don't like anonymous smear campaigns either.

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