This has never happened to me before


Banned User : multi-account fraudster
Oct 1, 2008
I received money from All Slots casino sooner than my debit card got charged for deposit I made with them.

I took that $25 Royal Joker merger free chip and 200% deposit bonus. I have used debit card to deposit and on the same day I made that deposit I have also made a withdrawal, which Live support gladly flushed :thumbsup: . I thought it would take at least several days to get the money because debit cards too have waiting period before deposit is actually taken from my account and I wouldnt be surprised if they waited to receive the money before processing my withdrawal. Wrong, its good to be wrong in situation like this, I got money and deposit has not yet been taken out of my debit card account, its still in pending status. Didnt have to undergo ID verification either, I guess because it was deposit and withdrawal to the same card.

All I can say is WOW! (not WoW)