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Jan 13, 2006
My concern is how many bills are passed using this method. It seems that the elected officials we put in office are not being allowed to debate important issues or actually vote on a certain bill if it is allowed to be attached to a bill that is sure to pass and become law.

That is an issue that should concern all U.S. citizens regardless if they approve of gambling online or not.

This is not the way laws should be enacted! The President should veto any bill that contains provisions which were not seperately debated upon and approved by our represenatives. This is a loss of rights. The right to choose how we spend our money. That issue also affects all citizens.

The problem is no one cares anymore. There is a sence of helplessness. We have no real way to voice our opinions except our votes. Even then it seems once elected the senators and congressman do not always do as they promised. I have decided long ago that we need centrist in office. Individuals that vote based on the issue at hand, not along party lines. Not for political reasons but for the interest of citizens and willingness to hold to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court's recent decisions have further taken away our individual rights and privacy. People had better start voicing their objections, it is only getting worse.

Face it, we have no way to even let our elected President know our feelings on any subject. We need a change in the way a bill can be passed into law. Our elected Representatives should demand that this underhanded means not be allowed.
First step get that asshole Bush out of office. And if I offended any backwoods idiots that actually voted for that jackass I am un-apologetic.
Second be revolutionary, if the people you have voted to serve the people are not serving the people then serve yourselves. Find loopholes, find any way you can continue living your life in the norm. If enough people do this collectively the decision will crash and burn.
Also, get rid of Bush
People have been logrolling unrelated measures onto bills long before Bush. I detest the practice, but it's often used to get members to compromise and pass things that otherwise would be held up. Have you not seen the Simpsons episode with the paperclipped rider? Not so far from the truth.

And plenty of important legislation/action goes through with just about zero congressional oversight. Like wars, for example. Or Affirmative Action, which, merits aside, should have at least been decided by Congress. Instead it got passed through Executive Order. (Which, itself, is an overly abused privilege.)

The US gov't is getting closer to "how can we get everyone to leave so we can start over mode." The Democratic leadership of about 10 years ago wasn't any better or worse than the current crap.

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