They would do anything for a Vote


Nurses love to give shots
Dec 16, 2004
I'm a Die Hard Red Sox's Fan But not this
Do we have Red Sox's Fans here

They would do anything for a Vote
I like Dodd too
Presidential Candidate Solicits Donations For Playoff Game Tickets
Dodd is running for president in the Democratic primary.
HARTFORD, Conn. -- Donations for Boston Red Sox tickets?

U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., is offering a random supporter and a guest to go with him to the sixth American League Championship Series game to be played against the Cleveland Indians on Oct. 20 in Boston -- so long as neither team wins the series before that game.

But you have to donate at least $20.04 to his presidential campaign in order to be eligible to be chosen at random. A representative from his campaign said contestants could also enter the competition by getting 24 friends to sign up on Dodd's Web site.

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