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They just don't get it!

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by winbig, Jul 11, 2006.

    Jul 11, 2006
  1. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.

    I recently signed up at a casino that shall remain nameless, but I was surprised when I recieved 3 emails from them. One included the password I used to sign up.

    When I emailed them telling them how insecure this practice was, I was greeted by this email:

    My reply (waiting on answer):
    Do they not get it? Sending out passwords via plain text in emails is totally uncalled for and insecure as hell. I don't see Neteller, Paypal, my bank, or any other business that deals with money sending out passwords via emails. Maybe they should take a hint?

    *shakes head*
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  2. Jul 12, 2006
  3. nektar4d

    nektar4d Dormant account

    European Union
    Many Playtech casinos email the password

    Good point winbig.

    Actually many playtech casinos do that. Its not a new problem.
    I suppose its because there is no "remember password" option in the login screen, so that you may come back easier as a player at a later time... As of today there have been a few playtech with that option installed and its convenient.

    Also, if you happen to change the currency a new account is created where many casinos email the new password. And there is no option inside the lobby for the player to change it manually, which is unacceptable for security.
    (I remember only Acropolis sent me a new password and when I login, I was asked automatically by the software to change the password with my choise).

    I do believe Playtech should improve all these procedures for our security.
    (All MG casinos have both "remember password" and manual change options)
  4. Jul 12, 2006
  5. Slotster!

    Slotster! I predict a riot. CAG

    al Hazard
    Location, Location!
    What's hilarious is where they say you need a password to access your email... Really? No shit Sherlock!.. I really wonder who gives these people the responsibility of representing their organisations sometimes!

    If my CS people were anywhere near the enormous amount of horror stories I read from casino's - I'd be out of business in a week!!!
  6. Jul 12, 2006
  7. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.

    This reminds me, did RTG ever change their ways on how you cash your comp points in? Last time I played at an RTG you were directed to an insecure (not https) webpage, whereupon you had to enter your account number AND password to get in. Hackers would have a field day with this.

    If you ask me, if they want to continue to send out passwords via email, they should use PGP. There's plenty of freeware programs to use for this method of communication, and it wouldn't take long for them to create a tutorial on how to use it; although it's pretty simple.
  8. Jul 12, 2006
  9. tennis_balls

    tennis_balls Dormant account

    fish n chips promoter
    Albuquerque, NM
    I wish you would go ahead and name this casino so anyone reading this thread would know to avoid them.
  10. Jul 12, 2006
  11. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.


    Well, since I just noticed the other thread with major problems regarding this casino, I will.

    It's Sierra Star.

    What really gets me about these emails (I never recieved a reply to the last message I sent although I recieved one in about an hour from my original message) is the fact that they went on the defensive right off the bat with the attitude of "You're stupid, we know what we're doing and won't change a thing", instead of "Thanks for the suggestion, I'll forward it to the appropriate party for consideration" - Then proceeding to ignore my explanation of why in fact they need to change this practice.
  12. Aug 4, 2006
  13. bb1webs

    bb1webs Webmaster

    gambling portal webmaster
    Me too!

    And its not like we're talking about businesses which have little need for a competent rep. In this niche confidence, competence and courtesy is everything.

    Contrary to what the casino apparently thinks .. the confidence is not in the casino's certainty of their own competence but rather the confidence they are able to instore in their customers by PROVING competence ... and even if the stupid b#!#&&#!s were actually correct in their stance ... they ought to have enough sense to not insult their players by pointing it out in such a rude manner.

    .... IF they had actually been correct. :rolleyes:
  14. Aug 4, 2006
  15. Buddy

    Buddy Dormant account

    Cor blimey

    I can't believe is casino and its excuse. What a bunch of amatuers. Screams of desperation and/or a complete lack of management. :eek:
  16. Aug 4, 2006
  17. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.

    Why can't they just follow suit with Global-Player?

  18. Aug 5, 2006
  19. paul02085

    paul02085 Senior Member

    Fishing :)
    Poor casino management. A subject dear to my heart. I have been bitching about this for years, lol. Might as well beat your head against a wall. For every 32 Red there are 100 Sierra Stars.
  20. Aug 5, 2006
  21. AussieDave

    AussieDave Dodgy whacko backstabber

    Gaming SEO Specialist & Casino Webmaster
    Depending on the casino and where its support centre is based, pretty much determines the quality of responses your going to receive.

    (not that this 100% fool proof).

    I've found trying to converse with a high number of CSR's based where English is their second language, your going to hit problems.

    I've tried to over come this with both emails and phone (both in clear simple English) but nothing works.
    Even hard copy & pastes from their casino's web site leaves you feeling in need of a triple scotch when trying to get sense out of a basic question, let alone a more complex issue.

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