they call this justice


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i had a visit from the police this evening to discuss the recent break in at my house...

thyey arrested someone for another break in a few streets from mine and whislt being interviewed also confessed to several other break ins ...including mine...this was great my hopes raised of getting my things back..

joy didnt last long as they explained everything had been sold to raise money for his drug habbit..seems hes a hopeless junky as well as a robbing git..

they explained that when he goes to court a compensastion order will be made against him to refund me the value of the stolen goods..the joy returned but once again it didnt last long they further explained given the fact he is an unemployed and living on benefits he will be ordered to pay no more than a few quid a week :eek:

so if he pays his fine reguarly..unlikely given the type of person he is ..i may recoup my losses in about ohhhh 10 years :(

this seems really wrong to me and must confess it makes me angrier than the actual break in ..wheres the protection for the general public basicly u go out and rob someone of there worldly possesions and when ur caught u pay it back at a few quid a week ..excuse my language..but thats proper fuked up

so given the fact he also likely to get a prison sentance ..i hope he shares a cell with a big guy called buba who looking for a new bitch

i wont get anything for a long time..if i ever get anything at all ...the great british justice system at work...

i need a large vodka :eek2:

dont make the same mistake as me people..make sure you are insured


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But is a good thing.


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Here we have a victim's assitance fund, and pretty much every fine levied (traffic, off-leash pets, any liquor infractions, etc) has an extra percentage added to it to help with it's costs.

There's also a criminal injury board for compensation for those hurt in violent crimes.


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I truly am sorry to hear about your lost. However the fact that police caught him is awesome. Truth be told it's no real way to insure victims get their money back other than screwing someone else. I would hate to have an increase in a traffic fine to cover the cost of some idiot burglarizing people. You end up punishing others for the sake of well others etc. Lets be happy the idiot is off the streets for now.


I used to work in Prisons as a Corrections Officer (Back in South Carolina!)

If its any consolation- living in Prison is awful!

He'll have everything decided for him. No rights. Treated like a child (at least, if Prison in the UK works like it does in South Carolina. I somehow doubt it does... :oops: )

So, at least this guy is going to jail, won't be stealing from anyone else (for the time being). And, if he's got some kind of other issue- drugs, alcohol, mental health.. He'll be getting help for a little while.

Though, it does suck big time you had to suffer for it. :(

Sorry, bro.


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I have $1000 deductible on my homeowners. They'd have to steal most of my stuff before I'd be making a claim and seeing my rates rise. It drops your rates considerably, and even if you have a $500 deductible, you are unlikely to claim a (relatively) small loss. I did many years ago have a boyfriend that had theives steal everything (furniture, linens, clothes out of his closet, food out of his fridge) except his king size bed... and it was up ended because they had tried. But that's rare in a breakin.

A major event like a fire, flood or wind damage can be a major amount, and the $500 difference in the deductible will be a relatively small percentage.

If you have valuable items, like collections or jewellery over a certain amount ($2k total on my policy), you will need professional appraisals and to pay additional premiums for these items.

A "walk through" of all your rooms, all your drawers, cupboards and closets with a video camera is a valuable tool to making insurance claims. Just make sure you store it somewhere besides you own home.

Also doesn't hurt to shop around every few years rather than just renewing with the same company you've always dealt with.


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im delighted he been caught ..i just hope he gets his just we are notorious in the uk for soft sentances wouldnt surprise me to see him get a slap on the wrist and some soft arsed commuinity service order ....


the only surprise here is that they actualy caught him there usualy to busy knicking people for smoking weed and lesser crimes..
my friend works in a pub he was walking the takings to the bank just across the road when he was jumped from behind and robbed of £2k
this was in a busy highstreet with100s of shoppers they caught the guys who did it
the guy that actualy took the money from him got 2 years and the get away driver got community service
so 1 year of free food gym pool tv and ps2 for the robber and a few weeks of comunity service for the driver working in residential areas so he can clock more shit to rob


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Those who bought the stolen good do not have any legal title to them, so if they turn up, they can be taken back. Unfortunately, they rarely do. It is more common for cars to be recovered long after they have been stolen and passed on, and they ARE taken off the new owner, no matter whether or not they had any involvement or knowledge of the theft.

If insured, the victim gets the payout, and the insurance company gets legal title to the goods, and it is therefore the insurance company's problem when it comes to recovery should the goods turn up.

I had my car nicked and written off, and they caught the &^%$ a few days later. He too was a "junkie", and I was told it would be pointless trying to recover my insurance excess from him by civil suit if he was convicted by the courts. The police REALLY screwed up the victim support side of this, and this did not go unpunished (IPCC). I was told I had to PAY over £100 just to be allowed to retrieve my personal belongings from the car, and that this could not be billed to the insurance company. I ended up paying, and having to claim off the insurance, who told me they had not heard of this "bullshit" (not their words) before, hence my referral to the IPCC.

It seems the victims have a far worse time at the hands of the police than the criminals, who if caught may only get a caution or "soft" punishment.


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Policeman once said something to me under similar circumstances:

"Yeah, you've lost a few bits and pieces and there's a bit of a mess - but you'll be back to normal enjoying your life in no time. Within 12 months this guy is going to be either in a 6ftx6ft room or 6ft under. Either way, you win."


Bit of a sidenote but when I was a student I parked on a side street so I could run into the post office to post something I'd sold on ebay. In the 2 minutes I was in there some git smashed my window and nicked my stereo. I immediately drove to the police station to report it and they said "You shouldn't park there, it's notorious for that". :mad: Stick a bloody cop there then and catch the buggers! Madness. :what: Being a poor student I was more upset at having to spend the last of my beer money on a new window than the £10 stereo that was stolen...

But anyway, at least they caught the guy - that has to give you some kind of satisfaction/closure. And whilst it may take him a million years (or may never happen), at least he has been ordered to pay you back - I didn't know they did that!


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Just a thought

Have you done a tour of the local pawn shops? If he needed a fast turnaround for cash you may find some of your belongings there.

I know the feeling btw Satty, and it's rotten. I lived in a shared student house years ago, which was broken into and robbed. We called the guards (police) and a few hours later they arrived. They took one luck at our scatty mess of a student hovel... said ''So you were robbed eh? good luck with that''. they left and that was the end of it.....

I'm a firm believer in Karma though.... so whats goes around....


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Long story short...

Have a nephew on my wife's side that was addicted to meth and stole from God knows where. Funny thing is, someone stole from him (items were outside) and then the thief came back that night for more.

Here's the kicker. My nephew was outside when the thief came back around 12-1 am and this thief asked for help loading the stuff in a truck. They got into a fight, nephew tried to hit thief, and wound up punching a tree breaking his hand. Nephew arrested within a couple days of that and had to have surgery while in jail.

To this day, his mother bitches that they did a bad job on repairing his hand.:rolleyes:

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