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Jan 25, 2003
Hi, any help will be appreciated.

I played in the beginning of the moth at
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, i won 500$ and i have try withdraw it. After a week i called to see what was goin on since my money was still in the casino s bank. I had to fax some ID that i didnt know of. I faxed them and received an e-mail from Gabriela, who is supposed to be the supervisor, saying the following:

"Dear Olivier,

Thank you for sending your authorization documents. We received the authorization form completed and ID, but we are missing copies of your credit card (front and back) . Could you please send them?

Thanks again,


I found this to be asking too much. Furthermore it was not even in their own rules!!!!. So i decline, politely to fax them.

I then got this other letter:

Thank you for your email. If for now you do not want to send the
information it is okay. However, please be advised that in the future
when you request a withdrawal, some form of the requested information
will have to be send(to comply with the requirements of our credit card

I look forward to your reply.



I replyed saying thanks.

This was almost 2 weeks ago and still the money is in their possesion. I called numerous time to ask what was going on and got nothing but all sort of ridiculous reason for the delay. Example: "You requested Overnight express as your withdrawal method and this is a check the owner of the casino as to sign himself, unfortunately he is outside of the country right now ....."
Or: We had problem with our system last week....
Or: We lost your signed form and ID, etc etc...

With all this crap i started to question this Casino. Ive played often on online casinos and never had any problems at all. But i am starting to feel bad about all this. And now i see that a casino named very similarly ( virtualcasino) is hailed as a "rogue casino"!!! This freaks me out.... Can anyone tell me if
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is the same as Link Removed (invalid URL) ??? And if yes what are the odds that i get my money back?

Thnx a lot,
Olivier Robitaille
Good going on your $500 win Olivier! I believe virtual casino and the virtual casino are the same animal.

Anyway, as far as requesting the information that they did, this has become standard practise in the online casino industry. The typical casino will want an authorization form saying you did indeed make the purchases you made, a copy of your photo ID (which never makes any sense to me), and copies of the front & back of the credit cards used. Personally, I have more of a problem with the photo ID copy than the credit cards. Why on earth do they need a photo ID when they will NEVER meet you in person?

Some will ask for a copy of a utility bill to verify your address, instead of the photo ID. I can tell you this, unless you comply with their requests for this information, you'll never see your winnings. Best to just scan these typical items into a file and save them on your computer, then they'll be ready to send to the next casino who needs them. Bottom line is, unless you meet they're conditions, you won't get the $$ out of them (and that goes for every online casino I've been involved with).
Thanks for the anwser, it is very appreciated.

Tomorrow, monday, ill give them another phone call and see what is going on. If i still got some resistance ill try to offer them to send the credit card front and back copies. After what ill be completely clueless about what to do in order to get my money.

Thanks again,

Olivier Robitaille
Hi Olivier,

To answer a couple of your questions here; yes, is another devil child from the "Virtual Casino" group, hence the name. And yes, it is standard operating procedure for them to request a copy of the front and back of your credit card. They fear fraud, and this is one technique they use to frighten fraudsters.

If you have any more hassles with them, please let me know (via the "pitch-a-bitch" section) and I'll put some feet to the fire.
Ok Thanks a lot. If after this week nothing has changed despite my effort ill go drop something in the "pitch-a-bitch" section.
I recently signed up for a bonus at the virtual casino and took part in a casino promotion. When i won $4000.00 and read the casino promotion rules, not being too sure, my wife called the casino. She spoke with Lou or Louie and asked how exactly the promotion worked. She asked him specifically about the amount that she was allowed to withdrawal "safely." He looked inot my account and informed my wife that I could withdrawal the entire amount except for $45.00 that was the promotion, or at least spend $45.00 before cashing out.. Over and over again she asked him if we could withdrawal safely the balance. He reassured her over and over that we could. I played the money down to $3300 and proceeded to cash out the balance of $3300. My wife called numerous times to assure that my withdrawal was beign processed. Every time she was told to wait 1 week for it to be done. I then received an email from them stating that I would receive $75 back to my credit card then $125 in a check. Upset, my wife called and explained the situation to the operator that asnswered and she was informed that she should not have spoken to Lou about the situation and should have known to speak to the accounting department. Outraged, my wife called back to speak with a manager. She was told that she could not speak with a manger untill she gave them my screen name. Sure enough, once she did that, the operator "Steve" informed her he was the manager. She explained to him about all the above information and was told that Lou had since been fired and that it did not matter what he had told me. She asked him, "Why would I have cased out $3300.00 only to receive $200.00. We obviously were misinformed." Steve said that it was our problem and that there would be nothing that they would do to resolve this issue. He also stated that at any time they can go into my account and remove any amount that they deem uncashable. I found this unbelievable.

I then decided to call back myself and ask to speak to a manager. The operator identified himslef as Jeff and informed me that they did not have any managers at all at their facility. I explained to him the situation again and was told the same thing, too bad for you. I have been informed of the rules and regulations by Jeff and my wife by Steve, but am still very upset that I was mislead by one of their representatives.

A casino with a manager and people representing themselves as managers when they are not is unacceptable. I still do believe that if you misrepresent yourself and any payouts that you should make those right. I hope that you will be able to assist me in this process.

Thank you
theshys, what grounds did these "managers" give for not paying you the money due? Was that explanation (if any) in line with the T&Cs?
I did not understand the terms and conditions which is why I called for an explanation. It turns out the manager explained them to me they say tough luck. I found a web site to report to but am not sure if I will get in trouble for online gambling. It is a site for the FBI and online fraud, but I think online gambling in California is illegal....dont want to get MYSELF in trouble,lol
I think they have a max cashout of 10x your orig deposit if you got a bonus of 100% or more. Is that the problem here?

If so, you are out of luck im afraid.

I saw a post recently where someone (think it was amatuer sleuth), won a slot jackpot at an RTG site of couple of thousand bucks but could not cash it out due to the above rule.

Assuming this is the issue, very few online casinos would pay you no matter what their CS people say. Especially ones related to the Virtual Group.

Obscure T&C's are their bread and butter. Hell, thats why they make them obscure and then offer 300% bonuses up to $10,000 LOL. They count on people not understanding them.

Anyway good luck, but dont hold your breath.
Thanks for the info...yes, I found out laster the max is 20x the bonus.....I did not quit understand which is why I called them to have them explain it to me, obviosly incorrectly. I surely hope NOONE gambles there. Everyone is a MANAGER and noone is a MANAGER. Thanks for your imput. Now all of the sudden on the site it is offering me to charge back a few of my depoists there. I think they want me to do that to end this mess with them. Who knows. I am SOL!!!!
Well, the most recent news is that I finally got a hold ofs comeone that "seems" to care and is willing to talk to the general manager, yes they have one, Sam, on Monday. This customer service support person wrote me and told me how he understands my gripe. I will keep you posted on what happens...wich me luck ) _
Hi Theshys,

Have you contatcted RTG via their complaint form as I suggested? I am on the road right now, so I am unable to follow up on this. I believe I emailed you with the URL and email address for disputes. I'll be home tomorrow to check how things are going.

If anyone hasn't read last week's newsletter, I suggest you do so (there is a copy posted here It gives my frank opinion on RTG and this virtual casino group. I'm pretty much fed up with them all.
Yes, I did contact them but have not heard one thing....suprised? However I did hear from ICG and the will let me know whats up. We will see also what happens with this "supportive" person at Virtual Casino. I will know more monday...thanks for the support
theshys, I had a problem with a hacker getting into my paypal a while back too over 2k out of my account .. i notified paypal and over amonth later with my account froze that i requested .. and it happen again .. another 2k.. so at that time i closed bank account and paypal.. and contacted FBI.. sadly tofind out with internet fraud the FBI wont do nothing under the ammont of 500k so dont think u will get to far going that rout.. but .. i finaly did get my money back .. but the bank president did it for me... not FBI or PayPal..
Well, I see that my problem is a familiar one here. I won 3 different jackpots and I have been trying to get my money withdrawn also. Got the run around. I kept getting messages saying that it will be 24 to 48 hours for "Cash on Demand" then it was 7-10 days and then 7-10 "working Days"... By now I started really wondering if they were even going to give me the money....
Sooooo, After numerous calls, I decided to "chat online with them" I copied and pasted our conversation below:

You are now chatting with 'Mark'
Visitor: cold you please check on a withdrawel i made 10 days ago, my users name is and my e-mail is , i will hold, thank you
Mark: the $270 that was creited to your account, was done twice by mistake, it should have only been added one time. The first time was on March 16th and you lost the money, any winnings from the second accidental and thus and winning have to be forfitted.
Visitor: so that means i have no money in the casino
Mark: correct
Visitor: no momey to play on
Mark: correct
Mark: we have some great coupons today if you'd like to make a deposit
you: but you were the ones that made the mistake not me so why dont i have any money play with, if i had not cashed out, it wold have still been there.
you: are you there
Mark: sorry
Mark: yes me made a mistake
Mark: we shouldn't have put that in
you: well,cant you do something abut it
Mark: like waht?
you: not cashing out is ok but you could credit my account so i could still play
Mark: give me a second
Mark: if you make a deposit of $10 or more, I'll give you a 200% bonus
Mark: sorry that's the best i can do, but I'll also give you a 100% cash back on any deposit
you: why if i hit the jackpot on the first deposit is hat money not in there, when i hit the second jackpot it may have been on your money but not the first one wich was 289 and changd
Mark: you lost that money already
you: ok fine, just forget it. everyone said that virtual was like this and i dd not believe it but i find out that they were right , thanks but no thanks to putting anymore money in virtual, bye
Mark: bye

This is one of those "shame on me" type situatons but I wanted to share, so maybe, someone else will not be suckered in by them...
I am sorry for your doesnt suprise me...funny thing is before I found this wonderful informative site, I would always play their free money and I always seem to get 4 aces and a royal flush but when I played with my own money I would lose horribly......happened too many times to be a coincidence

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