TheStarCasino = Golden Palace


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Mar 29, 2002
There's an apparently new Playtech casino out there call The Star Casino. Check thru the website, and even the whois records, and there's no indication of who these people are or even where they are. They've got their whois records set to private, so you can't find out even what country they are located in, just a p.o. box in Virginia at the ISP's offices with some company name of Atlas Services Inc.

They also want your email address and phone # entered before you can even download the software :what: and has some checkbox about agreeing to terms of the winamilliondollars promotion or some such b.s. Apparently they will give your private info to this spam farm site just for downloading their software! :mad: Gee thanks.

None of those things give me a warm fuzzy, so I give them a call on their toll free number, and lo and behold, the message that plays while you're on hold reveals their true identity, golden palace casino. Ugh, glad I called before I signed up and gave them any info or money! :puke:

I think you need to pre-emptively rogue this place Bryan.
I wonder why they have their identity so well hidden. Do you know if they were affiliated with GP before?

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