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Jan 4, 2004
Just found some poker wites I never heard of before. Part of the Power Poker Network. Includes,,, and some others. Anyone ever give these places a try?

BTW, I am ahead $2.08 in my poker career. At his point I figure I will have $100 profit by the year 2173. Not bad!

According to the max tables they have had in the last 24 hours is 11, the average 6, at 11:30am ET typically a slow time on a monday they have 2. According a representative of they are the old before they sold to people who tried to make a skill site that never got off the ground. I have played at If I remember correctly they have a bad beat jackpot and some other good promos like a happy hour and a large daily high hand. They are an established poker room although a bit small. I like small rooms though it makes it easier to track the play of other players.
i try it and it's ok

i try this room (thepokerclub) and i find it's a good one ,the players at 0.5/1 table don't bet and raise for nothing (i don't like the bluff..) ,they upgraded their soft (new graphism for lobby and room) and the most important for me there are no surprise with the cards(incredible hands or bad beat each hands) no,no here i find the same poker whose playing in live club , and the cashin is ok in 48 h max, i love it .... BUT yes there is a BUT the number of players is very very low....i'm french and it's very difficult to find a table open at my time ..... :confused:
Never heard of the 2 you mentioned before. I'd be a little leary about playing at, or at least leary about keeping much of an account balance. I remember when MGM pulled all of those sites for use of their name, and would not want to be a player with a significant account balance if something like that ever happens.

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