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The worst whitdrawal delayes exuse.

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Gonzo, Dec 19, 2017.

    Dec 19, 2017
  1. Gonzo

    Gonzo Abusive troll

    own company
    Yes i wonder what is the worst dealy of a whitdrawal u ever heard from a casino is?

    I can share mine :) it was on late 2016 and i hade a good run on the site BETAT i hade over the month cashed out about 100k swedish krona (10keuro) and did play again and won about 40k Krona. And when i did a whitdrawal the chat told me that i reached the limit on whitdrawal hos was 250k but the counted even the whitdrawal that i rejekted after i ask them to do it. However the exuse was that the 4hours pendingtime was delayed because of they did not have money on the swedish acount so ia had to wait 4 days :).. She asked me if she should close the playaktivity for me but i said no because i tgouht i hade the controll and wait. Offcourse i loste all of it :( omg i was so angry on myself and the casino. They day after i was going to close the acount but dit get a 10k sek bonus with 10time wagger but i never made it to a cashout. :) so lets hear about your it vould be funny hehe
  2. Dec 19, 2017
  3. ed skull murphy

    ed skull murphy Trollish behavior - quit the forum

    I've been there. You have to lock it down, man. One week's timeout, to let them sort their shit out, then go play somewhere else.
  4. Dec 19, 2017
  5. osulle

    osulle Ueber Meister CAG mm4 mm1

    Northern hemisphere
    The worst excuse which I hear on a regular basis is the payments team is very busy today! That annoys me so much because by saying that it's like telling me as a player I am not important.
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  6. Dec 19, 2017
  7. bowki

    bowki Senior Member

    My worst excuse was a casino telling me they sent the money to skrill and now its up to skrill when it will be credited. After asking the experts here at CM i found out that was BS and i contacted skrill and quoted what the casino said. Skrill said it was BS (Well, in other words of course :D) and after i sent the response to the casino they miraculously paid me in minutes. :D

    It was one of the MG download clients, dont remember the name atm.
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  8. Dec 19, 2017
  9. cj1990

    cj1990 Experienced Member webby PABnonaccred

    I had a W/D at a casino that usually paid within the same week, however after waiting the 10-15 max business days I was told that finance had sold all the bitcoin due to the bitcoin cash fork and that I had to be paid in an international check, I refused saying my credit union would sure as hell reject it and I didn't have time for it to clear for 30 days or whatever. I had to wait another week and when they sent my payment finally it was $100 short!!! My host told me, sorry I will take care of it, to his credit he got me paid the additional $100 the next day.
  10. Dec 20, 2017
  11. philderby1

    philderby1 Senior Member

    factory worker
    The best one to date was at Mr green

    I asked why a withdrawal was taking over 24 hours and was told by cs its because its nice weather and everyone was playing so they were very busy.

    Not played there since
  12. Dec 23, 2017
  13. scarletmuse

    scarletmuse Experienced Member

    Lady of Leisure
    Ahh Omg I am so over chat support crews palming off these sort of responses when payment issues are questioned by us.. dealt with this exact thing at an rtg site a while ago after making wagering on the free bonus and requesting the withdrawal i was allowedto get without depositing i thibk it was only bout $100-but hey i worked bloody hard for that hundo lol. Told it would be upto 4wks for KYC approve so I demanded it asap-rejected bcos the idiot claimed my name was wrong. they entered my middle name into their system as surname so their bad Lol Finally 'if' approved might take up to 6wk altogether to be sent to Neteller, and to be wary this may fail and in that case a cheque will be mailed to my address. Big Nope. Caused a ruckus via chat for days and waddya know, approval given and money almost instantly. Safe to say I decided not to continue playing there after all Lol
    ed skull murphy likes this.
  14. Dec 23, 2017
  15. Vegasbum

    Vegasbum Senior Member

    I put in a withdrawal and then went away for two weeks. When I returned I noticed the money had not come through. So I talked with chat and they said I needed to send my ID once again. I told them I had been with them for many years and had many withdrawals and never had to resubmit my ID. Well they said it is our new policy to have it done every 6 months. BS I said and a complete stall tactic. I said so why did no one contact me and tell me I had to do this. They said you were sent an email but as I had been away all my emails were in my inbox and spam and there was no email. So I resent my ID. They said all was good and my account was in good standing. Another week goes by and no money. Chat tells me I have to resubmit my withdrawal once again. I am trying so hard to stay calm at this point. So after that is done I finally get my money....36 days later.
    Once I get my money I go back on chat and tell them my story and how it was obviously a big stall tactic. I told chat there was no chance in hell I would have reversed my money and because of this they lost a customer who will never deposit again. I also got an email address from someone higher up and explained my story to them and how by doing this they not only had to pay me but lost a long time customer. Of course they replied back saying they would look into it but protocols had to be followed. BS

    They need ID every 6 months.....no thanks
  16. Dec 27, 2017
  17. CasinoNinja

    CasinoNinja Experienced Member

    I was forced to wait for the casino to send me a fake promo cheque so I could take a photo of my myself holding up the cheque before they paid it out. It was in their terms. Mfortune was the "casino" in question.

    The amount was £1000
  18. Dec 27, 2017
  19. sassa

    sassa Experienced Member

    Mobocasino could not pay me 200€ until they got their money from neteller? Never heard before

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