The worst dealer I have ever seen


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Oct 27, 2003
Have any of you had experiances playing on land based casinos with dealers that had no idea what they were doing? I was playing bj last night at a indian casino here last night. It was two deck game where the dealer delt from her hand. Anyway, on my 1st hand I was over paid and the pit boss noticed. The dealer keep throwing cards everywhere and was not real sure on some of the hand amounts and at one point said "I am horrible at math, I dont know why they gave me this job" Later she was dealing and ran out of cards mid deal.

The craps dealers were not better, I was underpaid several times and probably more times that I did not notice. The good news is I won $400 off a $200 buy in. The 1st thing I did when I got their was played craps and was the shooter. I rolled 3 numbers in a row in 6 shakes of the dice. I knew then that it was my day even if the dealers did not know how to play but I tipped them anyway, buying some mojo.
How the heck does the dealer run out of cards in mid deal??? :what:
It was standard practice in Reno, I think, that the dealer would deal all the cards from the deck, then shuffle the discards and continue.

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