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Apr 20, 2003
If you a flat bettor and a square, the wiz methods are for you , I seen wiz on tv and just read something, people will tell you cant do this, you cant do that. There no way!!! on and on. Then bam someone does it.

Also if you dont know basic stragey run over there. Recall taken a class and they man main thing was , learn what a winner does. That and
There two type of people in the world, people that makes things happen and people that wait for things to happen, which one are you. Are what i follow to a tee.

I cant follow a person that i have seen not win, nor can i follow myths that you cant win at playing certain games at a casino. You can even win at slots, get up sooon as you hit :eek2:
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"No betting system can beat a negative expectation game. No exceptions. Betting on the banker in baccarat you may actually cancel out all the numbers and still lose because of the 5% commission you will have paid all along. May 1, 2001"

you can see his anwers

baccarat is one of the easy games to win at online and off line. and progerssion does work on baccarat.

With 1000, bet the minium betting pattern of 1, 1, 1, 3, 6,12,20 on con.
rtg and micro is a little differnt . Also dont play baccarat at intercasino (to me it fixed) Dont use real money use play money and see if you dont win
a quick 100 bucks

left something out rotate from player to banker
example, if you first bet was the banker( losiing), your secnond bet let it be the player. If you win stay, lose rotate on barract the banker and player win in packs.
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So is this the system coming out here, Damian?

Getting up after a slot hit is a huge fallacy, I'm afraid. You could say the same about a lottery, or any jackpot game. The problem is the money you lose on average BEFORE the hit more than compensates for the hit. Yes, you can win - but if the losses are greater, the win is totally illusory.

I once tried a negative progression playing live bacc, and actually won. My (errant) theory was that, since banker hits over 50% of the time, if I gently chased my losses I'd come out ahead in the end. Complete bollocks because the commission (or in my case, short pay on winning 6) more than balances the edge that banker has. I got lucky playing for money, did some practice runs back home, got slaughtered :) and never played Bacc again.
caruso, i dont play slots to make money, only time i play slots for more than 3 min is when i get a player card in vegas , so i can get free rooms on my bday.

I have made alot of money on land base casinos playing pan 9 and barract, i know a few people in the hood that net 2000 or more a week in the hollowood casino playing pan 9. I really dont like playing in the hood, people get jack to much, and people beg to much at the casino when you play.

Caruso, the only major casino i cant win on a regular basic , playing barract is intercasino and william hill.
Now you tell us!
I was on WillHill last month, play Banker wham -Player run. Play Player wham -Banker run! By the way Bethug, that 1 1 1 3 6 12 20, is that increase after loss or win?

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